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Does anybody know if you can pass this door ? near the spot of the tempering blood gemstone?



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You can't. It's supposed to be a shortcut back to the bridge where you fight the cleric beast, but it probably can't be opened because of technical issues with loading and transitions between maps.
twin blood stone not listed on the items section.. plz add


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So... what's up with these names? Are they in the official guide?
I believe they're both referred to as "Yahar'Gul Hunter" in the guide.
I think they are appropriate names lol
Added the summonable npc Henriett to the page, summon is directly in front of the Church Doctor (Servant), the one who has his back faced to the shortcut gate that leads back to the first lamp's location.
You have to go through Old Yharnam. That's where you drop from that ledge top open the Courtyard gate
where is the lamp for the cathedral ward
where is the lamp for the cathedral ward
Cathedral Ward's lamp is the first lamp you reach after the fight against Father Gascoigne.
how do i get to the ledge right above Henriett's summon? thanks
messenger skin (black hat) isn't listed
Who made the video?
The two people who are at the doors near the skeptical man and Arianna seem to have gone mad. Usually, they praise the church and thank the player, but the female now starts shouting about her baby and the male is screaming for help. What the ***** is happening?
They are transforming into foul beasts, her baby is either dead or transforming/ transformed. As for the guy, his family or he is transforming into beast(s).
There are the ones in Yahar'Gul but I never came across any at all in Cathedral Ward. What's this page talkin' bout?
It is referring to the two hunters dressed in the Yahar'Gul outfits to the right of Oedon Chapel, just before reaching the two Executioners guarding the gates to Yahar'Gul village.
It is possible to see a large body of water as well as a decapitated man that has been hung upside down from another tower

Does someone know how to open a blocked door next a giant with a ball, in cathedral ward down the stairs, in a Place full of jars, just like up cathedral ward, were we can find celestial emissary
Its the locked door from the cleric beast fight. Use shining coins on the door and try to make a large shining orb. Run to that place without teleporting or dying (spelled correctly?) and see whats on the door near the gate
No it actually can't be opened, apparently it might have originally been planned as a shortcut but never made it. A guy on YouTube named fungo has a video on it


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That's not the door leads to Forbidden woods, the door mentioned above is the double big doors, and a man asking for password.
The blocked door which only read "closed" when you interact with it is lead to the Great Bridge, where you fight Cleric Beast.
People who played in bata claims they can use this short cut, but closed up in the actual product, speculating player using that short cut will leads to under level for that area.

Heres a youtube that prove thats door is the actual door from the Great Bridge
its the door to Forbidden Wood, you need to kill Vicar first and touch the skull on table in front of statue to get cut-scene.
Thanks :D
is dlc door maybe? hahahaha sob