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By Anonymous
I woulda paid $20 just for this tbh
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
When the blade is folded in it kinda attacks like the Scimtar in DS2
By Anonymous
Interestingly, this weapon has a unique attack animation that's only accessible through a locked-on left-side quickstep. As mentioned above, the usual quick step attack slashes diagonally upward from bottom right to top left. However, this unique animation is a horizontal slash from left to right. The angle makes it better for clearing groups of enemies. Likely not something you'll frequently go for intentionally, but definitely a cool find.
By Anonymous
this weapon to me is what the holy moonlight sword is to ludwig
By Anonymous
Honestly the coolest Bloodborne weapon.
By Anonymous
I feel the same way about it, its really underrated weapon and Is my absolute favorite one to use in this game. It has alot of utility for instance the untricked form is good with crowds albeit slow but does good damage and it's charge attack is crazy strong. The tricked from is just good for any situation allowing quick engagement and with enough practice renders most enemy attacks useless and once you hit them it attacks so quick it'll melt anything. But the real icing on the cake is transforming mid attack, the backstep allows for dodging and can be followed up with tricking it to close back in and continue attacking. Oh and if you think this weapon couldn't get better well it has access to all the forms of physical damage in the game all in its moveset with a thrust on the tricked form, blunt on charged attacks, and slash on the untricked attacks. 10/10 weapon
By Lowly_Hollow
Scrolling through Reddit had me thinking about this weapon. Since my last Bloodborne playthrough, I've played DS2 again, Demon Souls, and Elden Ring. I've yet to find a weapon in any From game, and to a larger extent, any game, that I enjoy as much as the Beasthunter Saif. On first look it's s so unassuming, aesthetically similar to the common hunter weapons, but it's such a brilliant weapon design. The fluidity of the moveset along with the incredible spacing attack allow you to seamlessly weave from enemy to enemy while maintaining consistent pressure in both PVE and PVP. Once you really click with it, this weapon makes you feel like a menace.
By Anonymous
Amazing weapon
By Anonymous
the tricked curved greatsword form has an unusually massive amount of stagger, going as far as stun-locking winter lanterns from full hp to already dead
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