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As English isn't my first language I'd still consider my vocabulary acceptable, or so I thought. Srsly, what the hell is a saif? starting to think it's dev-slang for a scythe as it's a pain in the *** to spell.
never mind, it's arab for sword
May God guide their rotten souls right into the heaven
It’s like a little sickle.
Slice, slice, SLASH.
Used in good hands, this thing can be fantastic.
Not my type, but I have to give it all the good credit.
Love this thing.
better saw cleaver
If you consider giving up the serrated bonus and a much more annoying and clunky moveset making it better than the saw cleaver (or saw spear)...
Not even close lmao
Wait, slower?? After the first swing, it's faster than the cleaver or spear! I've tested this baby against fast enemies along with the saws, and it hits much faster.
PSA for my fellow none ps plus members:
The alternate versions of this weapon can be found on the 3rd layer of either the lower hinterlands tomb or the Isz chalice. Assuming one has the normal version to begin with, naturally.



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This thing can stagger most enemies in untransformed mode, making str weapons even more obsolete.
To make them more obsolete, you can smack cursed heavy abyssals on it and use it as a strength weapon.
All weapons can stagger... transform attacks by their nature will stagger nearly all non-boss non-huge enemies.
You thought this was a skill weapon? Cursed heavy abyssal gems exist, and render this (along with other skill weapons like the rakuyo and church pick) into a quality or even pure strength tool.

Not to mention the fact that this thing can give some pathetic Holy Blade users a really nasty wake-up call. 9/10, only flaw is the fact that the term "saif" isn't very clear.
If this weapon makes easy work of “pathetic Holy Blade users”, doesn’t logic suggest that makes this the “pathetic” noob weapon? I swear, the **** some people say.
Lol, it's normal for all soulsgames to "not be clear" that is a large part why the lore is so awesome. The terme is explained in the article btw....


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Grinding to L3 of a chalice over and over and over again to get to its boss which drops that get -- which can drop with deal-breaking secondary effects every time -- is more hassle than simply starting a new toon that's actually a skill build.
Ah yes, the thinking man's saw cleaver
I think it’s possible to buy from the bath messengers after obtaining the saw hunter badge, have to check this though
Nope , you can't