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I performed the chalice ritual as directed, and the bath messengers had nothing but, normal items for sale. I did however manage to find an uncanny saw-cleaver in one of the crypts.
You need to own the regular version found in the Hunters Nightmare for the Uncanny and Lost versions to appear in that store.
I googled it and only found some insurance provider and a Bollywood actor. Even auto correct doesn't see it as a word. Any thoughts?
Saif translates to literally sword or blade in Arabic.
It means sword in Arabic.
hi guys. can somebody explain me one thing about Beasthunter Saif, it says it scales with arcane, but when I add points to arcane, damage stats remain the same. how does it work??
It wont scale with arcane unless u have an elemental type gem in it . then u will see stats go up when u level up arcane skill
I think you have to add fire, bolt or arcane runes to the weapon and more arcane means more damage. That's what I did for the whirligig and it works really well. And you can find a fire rune relatively early.
All weapons have arcane scaling pretty much
right. but if I put an elemental type gem, my physical damage is automatically replaced and it's ONLY arcane then huh? thanks for the answers
Not sure what the guy above me is on about with the gem shapes. You definitely can get radial elemental gems. A radial fire gem drops for killing the Watchdog in the Defiled Chalice as one example.
@wut? They scale with Arcane only if you put in an elemental gem first (the wanning one or triangle type not radial) and then weapon starts to scale with yout arcane atribute. And only ARCANE atribulte, str/skill scaling is replaced. Only weapons like Tonitrus, amygdalan arm, MGS, BoM, they have the split damage physical and arcane so they would benefit from two types of gems actually (and te best idea is to put an ATK UP on the weapon that rise both physical and elemental types of damage in the same time)
I was playing my first playthrough of the DLC with a fresh character, namely a skill character (first time i did it was as a Bloodtinge and sadly in NG+)
Got the saif and upgraded it cause i liked its moveset.
got invaded and we traded blows a bit with our BoMs and got nowhere. then i pulled out the Saif. Lept across the gap between us and mauled the poor fool to death. Saif has been my fav wep on this character so far.
I'm looking for a pure physical damage but I don't know what are the best bloodgem spots for this build please help.
Is this still good with a strength build?
I'm using this plus Burial Blade with strength/skill/arcane 25/50/25. NG++. No problems whatsoever.
I would not use it with a strength build, skill only would be the best. About the slots, go with the uncanny. I went with the normal bc I have a waning gem with 26,3% phys dmg.
which would be better for a pure skill build??
Depends on what you want. The Saif is quicker and has more maneuverability compared to the Pick. On the other hand, the Pick has hyper-armor while unleashing a charged attack, and like the Cane, has both Serrated AND Righteous bonus damage, which practically ensures that it will be dealing more damage than the Saif about 90% of the time. I suggest you get both, Saif for PvP and Pick for PvE. Though PvPskills on youtube has pointed out the Pick is just as good in PvP as well.
Whats the appropriate build for the lost beast-saif?
He's a *****. He literally one-shots me with any attack from the transformed move-set he uses. I'm doing a low level run and he seems impossible to kill if I'm using saw spear. I recommend not even killing him if you just want the Beasthunter Saif. If, however, you want the vermin I'm almost positive he drops, bring bullets. Just a warning to those doing low-level runs. Any other strats are helpful.
How do you do that with a flamesprayer then?
just parry him. Hunter enemies are simple to deal with that way.
Use something other than the flamesparyer. You should have at least one firearm that can stagger.
Does anyone know how much HP this thing rallies for at +10?