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By Anonymous
God, this thing is useless.
Get it for the trophy. Try it out.
Then forget about it.
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By bolalar
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built in beasthood kinda rocks tho, and the moveset with beasts embrace is pretty good
By Anonymous
it requires specialization and demands that you create a character a distribute every stat flawlessly you can get over 500 damage with blood gems
By Anonymous
Its D in skill whrn maxed, just focus on strength with a strength scaling bloodgem
By Anonymous
I just can't chose the build for these claws. Someone says that this weapon perform better with a quality build, other says pure STR build. Any suggestions?
By Anonymous
Focus on dexterity, to make the most of the beasthood, and do try to keep your insight very low, as it hinders your beasthood. Once you're satisfied with the duration that you can combo for, in relation to your stamina depletion, start buffing up your strength, to maximise damage and increase the effectiveness of the beasthood.

Happy hunting, and may the good blood guide your way
By Anonymous
Too bad I’m required to go through those stupid Chalice Dungeons just to grab this! Y’know, if From wasn’t such a douche at times, they could make this weapon easily accessible AFTER fighting Laurence; after all, this weapon IS associated with the Blood Beast Covenant! This game can go full * at times; I love it, don’t get me wrong, but THIS is where I often draw the line.
By Anonymous
The beast covenant is dlc This weapon is a base game weapon
By Anonymous
You need to do around 4-5 chalices in order to prepare Ailing loran ritual.
Before that you need to kill 2 optional bosses.
If you were strong enough to kill Laurence but have yet to kill those 2 optional bosses and clear those 5-6 chalices than you are looking at around 3 hours of work. During which game will give you lots of other usefull items like gems.
By Anonymous
imagine complaining about being given more content in an already short game lmao
By Anonymous
killing laurence is exponentially harder than doing the chalices, and you should be doing them alongside game progression anyway, due to blood gems being a large part of the game. you essentially reverse-ordered this
By Anonymous
attacking the window at the central yharnam with these fills the beast bar, so you can max it out and go on a rampage throughout all of yharnam while maintaining it at full ;)
By Anonymous
I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but beast's embrace jump or leap attack can give you a backstab/back visceral if you land a hit with it from behind
By Anonymous
Best with STR right?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
These are so damn fun with the beast's embrace rune. Like an entirely new game.
By Anonymous
Yes Indeed.
By Anonymous
This sit sucks for bb
By Anonymous
This "sit." Incredible. Also, it's quite good if you use beasts embrace, and know how to use it.
By Anonymous
Idk what you're talking about with the right gems in it and the harrowed set from the DLC they are literally very fun to use watch your damage go up like crazy you can literally make everything your biznatch and beast embrace is where they really shine
By Anonymous
Yeah, clearly being able to transform into a werewolf and go blood-crazy is completely not for Bloodborne.
By Anonymous
Welcome to the infinate + 70% damage weapon, Destroyer of slow bosses, no joke this weapon is basically summed up as: do damage to do more damge and make sure you never get hit once lest you die (Just run it with low vit with high end, str and skill)
By Anonymous
Unlock the root chalice from the watcher's boss in pthumeru chalice, the one you get from blood starved. Then search for chalice glyph: fearrfan There is an uncanny beast claw in a coffin in the first bonus area you find, take note this dungeon is depth 5 difficulty. It WILL be a suicide run. Might take you a couple tries. You can get a lot of weapons like this early on. Google "Save edited chalice dungeons".
By Anonymous
There was no Beast Claw for me
By Anonymous
I had trouble finding it too, so Imma say that when you find the room with the big bell at the top there are two entrances/exits near that bell. one sends you back through the stage (and in fact, is how I entered the room) and one goes to the claw. I believe it was the more counter-clockwise one.
By Anonymous
This worked for me thanks
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