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By Anonymous
I want to imagine wolf (sekiro) parrying every shot from this thing lmao
By Anonymous
It costs four hundred thousand blood echoes to fire this weapon for twelve seconds
By Anonymous
Just go kill rifle men right before hemwick lamp for free bullets don’t buy them scrub blood bullets are cheaper
By Anonymous
Feb 6, he was making a reference
By Anonymous
feb 6, CRY SOME MORE!!
By Anonymous
It's a goddamn minigun. Go nuts.
By Anonymous
For me it's the worst gun in the Game
Idk I just think that it's useless
By Anonymous
Have +20 health regen on your main weapons. Press "up" to conjure 5 red bullets. Infinite ammo.

Great in PvE or casual co-op. Every team needs a big gunner.

Mind you this might only be effective with low VIT builds, haven't tested it on others.
By Anonymous
Not even elaborating why?
By Anonymous
Wait how the **** do you even get +20 health regen 12 Aug?
By Anonymous
It is time for the Barret Wallace build, boys!
By Anonymous
can finally cosplay the REAL best fromsoft character OLD MAN WITH A FREAKIN GATTLING GUN
By Anonymous
Hmm I don’t know old man with a flamethrower is pretty cool
By Anonymous
Remember to laugh maniacally when firing it, it's required.
By Anonymous
Guys, I think something's wrong with my game, I picked this damn thing up and now my character won't stop babbling about sandviches
By Anonymous

Try to not get backstabbed and ask your medic for Uber.....

What are we talking about again?
By Anonymous
Gatling gun + certain version of Kos Parasite (because that version is just regular you using your fist) = sandvich/pootis man
By Anonymous
Finally, I can spam bullets
By Anonymous
Some great Tips regarding Gatling Gun :

1- Use Bone Marrow Ashes ( They're definitely Helpful as long as you keep Holding/Shooting Bullets from this Massive Machine Gun.... Or else if you stopped , apply the Bone Ashes again for the limited stream of Bullets ).

2- It's better to equip Formless Oedons for extra Quick Silver Bullets + , rather than Oedon Writhes visercal atk Bullet gains... This is because Cannon's usually go well with Oedon Writhe Runes.

3- Put a great Bloodtinge Stat level up if you want some good damage with this thing , Cannon's dont usually need that High Bloodtinge levels but this thing needs indeed.

4- I just found out a really smart Badass idea when wielding this weapon , ( First you want to Poison your Boss Enemy , this works on all Bosses like Gascoigne , Maria , Gerhman , Bloody Crow of Cainhurst , Logarious , essentially any Humanoid Bosses or NPC Hunters ). While being Poisoned by Poison Knifes , patch up your Gatling Gun with a Bone Marrow Ashe then go BBBRRRRR!!! This'll easily deal 10K-20k Damage...

5- Lastly , another alternative method for Killing mostly Huge Kin Bosses ( Like Rom , Ebrietas , Amygdala , Cleric Beast , Laurence , Loran Silverbeast etc ). This method requires you both a fast weapon like Church Pick , Threaded Cane , Saw Cleaver with the Gatling Gun ( First Buff up with Fire Paper , then throw off an Oil Urn... then wack off the Bosses for good damage , then as you about to finish up. Patch a Bone Marrow Ashe into the Gatling Gun and shoot it up untill you Win!!! ). Goodluck , these are pretty crazy hardcore methods very useful for specialy fighting Chalice Bosses & DLC Bosses with the Gatling Gun... Enjoy hope this helps ;)
By Anonymous
Gatling Gun Main here:
No. BMA does not help your damage output. I've tested it multiple times on the same boss and got the same results. Don't spread misinformation.
As a Gatling Gun main with a high level invested in devout patriotism to my mighty portable minigun ally, this weapon is a cost-efficient version of the Cannon and can be used to kill off tougher mobs with ease. That doesn't excuse you from not using blood bullets, those still help a lot.
A good blood investment is nice for this weapon, as I'm seeing a difference with my output everytime I upgrade. Blood gems, however? Idk if a +% or a scaling buff is better. Guess it depends on the build.
By Anonymous
My friends: your can't just hold l2 and expect everything to die
By StarkSpider24
Boy that meme isn’t going to die off too easily is it? XD
By Anonymous
W+M1 moment