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I had like this super version come after me once, faster and completely crazy, well extra crazy then. Not sure if it was harder to kill too because it just teleported so fast and frequently it was impossible to hit at all. Just gave up and ran to a lamp post, it followed me all the way there. :p
It's possible - a lot of enemies have super versions, so I don't see why not this one.
I noticed they inflict frenzy


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The way they laugh when they see you.. UGH.
One appeared behind me and I rolled in a panic, and triggered a fire arrow trap which one shotted her. Very nice!


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Aww Yis!
She always drops gems that have a secondary effect of +27% physical damage on low health.
If you can find the ones that are +12% physical damage all the time and +27% phys damage on low health, these are the most damaging physical gems in the entire game (but only when you have low health). You can kill 2 of them by the entrance to the L2 pre-boss bonus area on this glyph: q6updq6g (for radials)
This one has triangle gems: pckenae9 (bonus area before L1 boss)
I didn't realize until recently that these things act as Bloodborne's version of a Mimic, lol. I found one of those black reliquary-looking chests in a Pthumeru Ihyll dungeon (Depth 4, full offering), and I know I didn't hear them in the room before opening it, but as soon as I did, THREE of these things spawned all around me. Needless to say, I got slashed to pieces right on the spot... Whenever I returned to that room, they would immediately come running over to me in a pack, giving me hardly any room to breathe.

And you know what was in the chest? Three bullets.
Yeah, I literally just found that out. Opened a fancy looking chest I hadn't seen before and 2 appeared. Curious if the chest you opened was different or just a standard one?
The one I opened was one of the rarer black chests--about the same height as the golden chests, but more square, with gold ornaments on the edges. I've seen them a few times, but this was the only instance in which it caused a swarm of teleporting grannies to murder me.
This only happened to me once when I first started playing online, but has never happened again in all the time I've been playing Bloodborne: I entered the first bonus area on the first layer of a Cursed Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice, and immediately there was the message saying that a chime maiden was ringing a sinister bell. After that, there was this weird noise of wind or something, sort of similar to the sound that plays when someone invades, but then there was this... messenger ghost? thing??? following my character around, just FLOATING behind me, until finally it caught up with me and seemed to turn into one of these ghosts. It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen in the game, but I had never played online before so I expected it was just a normal occurrence or something. Having never seen it happen again after about a year, I thought that maybe I had just imagined it, but then I saw the concept art of the ghost with all the messengers attached to her... Has anyone else had this happen, or at least something similar involving gray phantom messengers?
Oh wait, never mind, I just looked it up on the better wiki and it says that apparently the "ghost messengers" are a homing projectile that the vengeful specters fire on rare occasions, "typically when they become stuck." In my case, I guess I saw the messenger before I saw the specter, and she showed up just as the attack terminated? Weird...
The wiki states as of 2016 this enemy is somewhat bugged and can "fall" out of the game world. I'm pretty sure this is still current as of Oct 2018. An area in the great Pthumeru Ihyll chalice, I believe in the 2nd level one regularly dies with no interaction. All of the sudden you just get the souls for the kill
very creepy.