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By Anonymous
The more i use this weapon, the more infuriating ds3's interation is. Really, what they were thinking, if they were even using their brains?

Ds3's moonlight greatsword could be compared with zangetsu: both look flashy and fancy but what little they manage to do with their power is underwhelming. And, spoiler alert for late bleach fans, both are fakes (zangetsu's huge butcher knife form was never it's true form).

Meanwhile, this undisputed beast of a weapon could be compared to the blade of olympus in god of war trilogy: both kicks *** from their first appearance onwards, both have great weight lore-wise in their respective games, both are arguably the most powerful weapon in the arsenal and whenever they were put to use, they ensured effectiveness and a damn lot of fun.

10/10 a flawless weapon in bloodborne. Elden ring gonna struggle to make a different weapon with a similar success.
By Anonymous
Personally, I find DS3's Moonlight Holy Sword better than BB's. That sword alone pretty much 5 shots Darkeater Midir.
By Anonymous
The Dark Souls 3 version is the same as the one you got from Seath's tail in DS1, so it makes sense it would work more like that version and not the bloodborne version.
By Anonymous
The more i use this thing, the more infuriating the ds3 iteration becomes for me. You should be ashamed, from.
By Anonymous
Do you need to reach the arcane requirement to one-hand the weapon?
By Anonymous
All this sword makes me wanna yell is “getsuga tenso” but other than that this is probably one of the best weapons in the game.
By Anonymous
damn I missed it... killed Laurence already...
By Anonymous
Could be able to go to his corpse hit him and pick it up
By Anonymous
Cwwinge UwU
By Anonymous
Are you brain damaged?
By Anonymous
Ever heard of a troll?
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your cringe
By Anonymous
Okay, just to summarize because this confused me for a while. This isn't like the Logarius Wheel. You deal 50% of your arcane damage untransformed, 70% when transformed, the beam deals 100% of the arcane damage, and you ALWAYS deal the full listed physical damage regardless of the form. You're not converting physical to arcane like you do with the wheel. This means that the transformed mode will always be stronger in terms of net AR, if only slightly.
By Anonymous
Yes and no, untransformed thrust attack is very useful for keeping things ranged and thrust attacks also do 20% more damage to beasts
By Anonymous
Thanks that's really helpful. I was wondering how the splitdamage is used.
By Anonymous
Untransformed is literally claymore... But I love it
By Anonymous
Old reliable.
By Anonymous
what are the best gems for this weapon
By Anonymous
Nourishing Cursed Radials and Nourishing Cursed Triangle, the best and easiest variation to build is the Normal one.
By Anonymous
At +10 in a STR/ARC build Nourishing gems to increase both damage types. In a higher STR build you could get away with Tempering gems, or in higher ARC you can stack pure Arcane gems, but Nourishing is best because otherwise you're specializing one mode of this weapon and almost crippling the other.
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