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By Wolfdragon89
I usually go here just after exploring the Cathedral Ward. I find it far easier than Old Yharnham, and the level-grinding and Rune Tool make the rest of the early journey much easier. The way it's sort of hidden just to the west of the top of the Grand Stairway is a testament to the ingenious level design. So many secrets and nooks and crannies!!!
By Anonymous
There IS AN NPC IN THIS AREA, She's in a Window of the House by the Elevator (right infront of the madmans knowledge)
By Anonymous
Anyone else notice that some of the ambient screams in this area are from or in Happy Wheels? I noticed it on the staircase just after the lantern
By Anonymous
They're just generic stock sounds that tons of things use, not just happy wheels.
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By kroger
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i wish hemwick had more importance to the central story, it was a cool area
By Anonymous
I dont understand why sl many of these maps for bloodborne are so wrong, like this one there are serval items here that are not om the map, and then we have maps with mutiple levels where it would have been better to break them apart by level but instead they are stacked and not even depth colored, ds1 and s2 had great maps ds3 and bb have awful awful maps.
By GhostPanda
I saw the path with the street lights to the left at the beginning of the area. Very interesting indeed. I honestly feel like a DLC involving the history of Hemwick and Cainhurst would be super cool and inquisitive. Both areas are optional but have very interesting lore.
By Anonymous
what are the requirements for multiplayer in this area
By Anonymous
For anyone interested, a "charnel ground" is an above-ground burial site and holds religious importance and association with Dharma... interesting enough, sky burials are performed on charnel grounds, and Eileen comes from a place where these may be common.
By Anonymous
If you have not yet defeated Vicar Amelia the woman in the house next to the elevator will have a different dialogue than the screaming.
She says: "Do you hear the graveyard murmurs? Then I'ts almost time. I can't wait. I just can't wait"
By Anonymous
In the house In the house, instead of npc I got patches and he gave me the tonsil stone. Any idea of the requirements to make it happen that way? Later in the house of the forbidden forest a npc came out with a dialogue.

PD Sorry for my english.
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
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