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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I'm happy they give you 4 ways of getting one of these cords. The idea of killing a newborn, even if it is an old one, makes me squeamish.
By Anonymous
Fauxsefka is likely a surrogate too, she drops an umbilical cord after all. I don't think there's any avoiding getting that 3rd cord at a cost.
By Anonymous
Needs salt and probably some hot sauce
By Anonymous
i collected all 4 of them, which 3 should i choose to eat, i know it doesnt matter, but i want your take on which one tastes the worst so i can avoid it
By Anonymous
The one from iesofeka tastes worst
By Anonymous
Tastes like chicken.
By Anonymous
discarded embryos, cursed infants, umbilical snacks and sharpened eldritch placentas... this game is so metal
By Anonymous
cry of a baby resounds
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