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I don't imagine it does, but does eating all 4 of the umbilical cords change anything?
Oh wait, never mind. I see that someone else asked deeper in the comments
Seriously? This is a wiki. There's always spoilers on the wiki. Someone should take this off, and put it on the main page of the game. I'm only reading this cause of someone I followed, posted about Moon Presence being a secret boss. Aside from this, I only re-read up on weapons and possible blood gem locations.
Great post, nice work, thanks.
i fought iosefka early but she kicked by bottomz. so i didnot kill her. does this mean i can ignore her come back after rom and still get the umbilical cord or havr i lost it
you can still get it.
? yup as in yes or lost
? yup as in yes or lost
? yup as in yes or lost
? yup as in yes or lost
? yup as in yes or lost
? yup as in yes or lost
? yup as in yes or lost
? yup as in yes or lost
you can still get it.
? yup as in yes or lost
Are you really able to kill her at the Clinic after Micolash dies and still get the cord?
Yep! Can confirm, just did it myself
If I die to Gehrman and then consume all three before next battle, will I be able to unlock the secret ending still?
Yes. As long as You consume them before Gehrman falls it still counts.
The whole consumption timing seems a bit unclear. Provided I have at least three cords on my inventory, of course, consider the following scenario: consuming the cords, then going into battle with Gehrman and dying. Would that invalidate them, thus making it impossible to get the true ending on that playthrough?
if you consume all three cords at any time even not all at once u will always encounter the secret boss even if u die i had this concern this myself and what im curious is about what if u consume 4 nothing will happen ?
My guess would be that since two of them are missable, if you miss one of them, you're given a second chance, in the form of the other one.
Killed rom, went to iosefkas to get the one third.. Found only emissary and cainhurst summons.... Whaaa?
You need to move deeper and higher into the clinic. Not accessed by normal route. You must enter from the forbidden woods passage that lets you get to the clinic by window.
so i killed the iosefka to early and forgot to grab arianna, is there anyway i could manipulate the formula of the game to attain another?
Fvck same here
I would just go back and get arianna honestly
Fvck same here
Hello. I'm not sure how relevant this is but the in the original 1.0 version of the game and in the full press guide. the description of the abandoned workshop umbilical cord is different. In the guide is says "One of the heirlooms used to contact the Great Ones, originating in the Vilebloods. Long ago, in an encounter with the Great Ones, a contract was established, establishing the hunters and the Hunter's Dream." they also include the phrase "Every Great One has this precursor to the Umbilical Cord. Keep one to fend off foul spirits , or use to gain obtain great insight."Sorry if someone in the comments already pointed his out but I thought maybe this information should be in the article.


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we should add this to a section above, with the abbreviated lore notes that we can derive from the information given by the cords description.
Great thank you!