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If getting to and farming the spiders on the first floor is too difficult/time consuming for you like it was for me, then you can beat the layer 1 boss (Beast-Possessed Soul, pretty easy) and proceed to layer 2. Take the circular elevator in the first room up and go around to the only door on that level. In that door there is a big room with 4-5 of the purple aura spiders that you can farm. There are no enemies between you and them and they are very fairly spaced out. A much better spot to farm radial Murky Gems, imo.
Does this mean a staggered foe?
The poison effect don't happen on a single strike. Just like players have a "bar" that must be full before they are poisoned so do Bad guys. A normal mod might take 3-4 hits to poison boss take many more. Some things are immune to posion.
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also curious...?
this table goes up to 10, but I got a 14 stone(5) that gives 6.4 slow poison.

anyway.. I was asking myself how this stuff works. it doesnt seem to add any poison effect, so how exactly does this work..? 22 slow poison effect and can't figure out what happens.. :)
Yes, it probably means a staggered foe or a foe that has had it's guard broken. Only other possibility I can think of is counter hits. Hitting something when it's in the middle of an attack animation. Either way it's a useful effect.
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