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By Anonymous
Micolash wondering why I'm walking towards a random fence and charging R2's with a saw cleaver
By Anonymous
i finally beat the gank squad :D
By GreySkale45
I will forever remember this area with one Dunkey quote: "STOP SHOOTING THE ****ING LASERS"
By Anonymous
The gank squad can be pretty un fair, but what i dont like in bloodborne is the general dmg output of most of the hostile hunters, it would be much funnier if their difficulty was based on different strategies a hostile hunter can use instead of mere exagerate dmg output .
By Anonymous
This area makes me want to **** bricks, I ****ing hate this part. The **** wipe gank squad has killed me more than any other aspect of the game. It really ****ing figures this area is wrapped up by a stupid easy puking zombie baby. **** this area.
By Anonymous
I noticed that a lot of the mirrors are facing walls or areas that are pretty obstructed in that house before the final chime maiden and boss area. Is there any lore to this?
Because soon afterwards we meet Micolash who uses similar mirrors to teleport around his arena, it feels like theres some significance there
By Anonymous
I was playing through Unseen Village the other day and I realized that I hate the Graveyard Hags on this level more than any other enemy in the game.
By Anonymous
This is the first part of the game that falls flat for me, personally. If the best strategy for an area is to *not* actually engage in the gameplay but instead just sprint past everything to an enemy the game hasn't even told you exists, much less where it is, it's bad design and very unsatisfying to play.
By Anonymous
I’ve noticed every one who comments on fextralife are actually dog **** at all from soft games lol
By Anonymous
I’ve notice everyone who comments on this website are dog **** at all from soft games lol
By Anonymous
Yeah, but.. you're commenting too...
By Anonymous
I love all the Snatchers lying dead all around the place probably killed by the vengeful abominations they helped create kidnaping the people that form them.
By Anonymous
I notice many having problems with the 3 Yarhagul Hunters/Kidnappers

All you have to do is use Blue Elixir, slowly sneak down the left side of the stair case and up behind the first hunter chilling on the stairs, backstab/parry him and as soon as he gets up pure him down lower on the stairs and hit him with Augur of Ebrietas and combo, repeat until dead and you should have him down without the other 2 aggroed.

Now slowly sneak up and assassinate the beast rune/claws using hunter with the same technique.
All you have to do is circle around the final hunter or just take him on head on with augur/pistol parries without fear of being ganked.
You’re welcome, this strategy is especially necessary it NG++ and on.
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