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By Anonymous
I'm a big Souls fan and I shelfed this game for a long time. Mainly because I played every souls game (even 2) to death. Knowing about demon souls also had be dust of my PS3 and buy a copy just to then play THAT game to death. I just finally dusted it off and man I have mixed feeling about it. At first I kinda like the chalice stuff but I only figured out wtf it was after murdering first boss in Menis Nightmare. But was through about 9 versions of these places and I got to say. I am at all not impressed by them. At first glance it looks like a massive amount of content but what it really is the same 10 rooms copy pasted over and over and over and over and over. All of it blurs together and the only difference is how much health I lose to the same enemies. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to murder ever single one and every single boss because that's what I do but it isn't fun.

They could have chained all the slightly different area's and put one version of each boss into one massive zone and given it a proper headstone like the other zones. After finally getting tired of the grinding I wanted to see how close I was to some of these other bosses and layers (since I realized that the Haze extractor I got ages ago wasn't even needed yet) and I am dreading the grind. About 20-60 min per Chalice (if I don't die) just for half a dozen bosses I'd like to fight is lame.
By Anonymous
Hi, I want help finding something in particular, probably a wild goose chase since it was both 3rd party, and a while back; heard about these bodies in the Chalice dungeons which wore plate armor more fitting to Dark Souls than Bloodborne, hinting that the dungeons were found way back before the church. I tried looking online but had little luck; the Pthumerian Queen's arena would be a good place to start if anyone wants to look.
By Anonymous
Central Pthumerian Chalice, bonus area after the first boss (Door on the left after defeating the Beast-Possessed Soul) in a room with two scorpions. The floor is littered with corpses wearing full plate armour.

However we know that the Chalice Dungeons (and their descovery) predate the healing church. The dungeons is where the first Old One was found and as such the Old Blood that was used to found the Healing Church.

One of Alfred's dialogues is as follows -
"Byrgenwerth is an old place of learning. The tomb of the gods, carved out below Yharnam, should be familiar to every hunter.
Well, once a group of young Byrgenwerth scholars discovered a holy medium deep within the tomb.
This led to the founding of the Healing Church, and the establishment of blood healing"

There are various references elsewhere to Ebrietas being the Old One found in the dungeons, she is presumably Yhamanites first contact with the eldritch truth of their world, and presumably the original source of Old Blood for the healing church.

The Chalice Dungeons were created by another civilisation altogether, and have been redescoverd at least once, long enough ago that they are almost lost again by the time the hunter reaches Yharnam. There is plenty of scope for speculation about who the people in plate armour were in that timescale.
By Anonymous
I have 20h on BB and i think this game has too much content. I was captured and now im in this cell dungeon. I finished the first calice dungeon with 3 layers and i saw there are like 20 more calice dungeons with even more layers. That should be like 100h for me to finish the game+DLC. Thats insane. GOTY is deserved.
By Anonymous
There are 10 standard chalices though, if you wanted to make a ritual out of every chalice that brings it to 25 which I assure you very few players would do. Think of it as main game, dlc + 10 dungeons to get the overall best experience from the game without skipping any content.
By Weareus
Hi there!
How can I create a chalice with more than 50 % half cut? (f.e. 75 or 98%?).
I mean not using glyphs...
By Anonymous
You can't, normally. Dungeons with more than 50% health cut are save-edited dungeons using a feature that was supposed to be in the final game but wasn't.
By Anonymous
I like chalice dungeons a lot, they add more replay value and variety to the game and they have some pretty good bosses like Queen Yharnam and the Pthumerian Elder. And if you dislike them just don't do them, since they are completely optional unless you want the platinum or over-powered blood gems.
By Anonymous
In my first PT i totally ignored this and now i started a NG and did the first chalice run, but I dont understand, every tombstone has its chalice or they are just slots for them?
By Anonymous
Every tombstone is just a slot that you can place a chalice at. It does not matter which chalice goes at which tombstone
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By Grim_Reaper
Some areas have chest behind locked doors that can only be entered from the other side if you do the "extra" route after or before the main dungeon. But if I am there the chest blocks my path and I can't enter the room nor open the chest. Do I miss something or is this chest/room just bugged?
By Anonymous
It’s usually the small ones that can actually be broken by hitting them for a few minutes
By Anonymous
I know what you're talking about. I have seen this before. there is a very rare bug that does this. If you can't break the chest then there's nothing you can do. There's some rare things in root dungeons. Like the pitch black dungeons (creepiest crap ever), I have only seen the chest thing once.,
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