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By Anonymous
Unpopular opinion but I adore the chalice dungeons. Too bad I can’t go spelunking in them on my ng+ character since it has over 1 mil blood echoes from co-op and I don’t want to level up with them since I think you can only co-op with people around your level and I don’t want to be at too high a level.
By Anonymous
Even The cursed chalice dungeon was still pretty fun (except amygdala). Pthumerian Descendant and Watchdog were fun.
By Anonymous
wait, the root chalice is basically unobtainable right
By Anonymous
None are unobtainable.
By Anonymous
what dungeon has a bath with messenger that have poison knives for purchase?
By Anonymous
Lower Hintertomb story dungeon
By Anonymous
This was a cool idea but it felt a little bit like padding especially since they only made it relevant through trophies. I think if they incorporated some of the dungeons into the story it would have been less like a chore for people.

I get it though, there wasn’t much else to do in NG without boss souls, trainers, a bunch of weapons or blacksmiths like the previous games. The story and experience of the game is so fined tuned without a lot of fluff that it hurts the replayability.
By Anonymous
I definitely agree that incorporating the story into the dungeons would have helped immensely. I also think getting rid of the ritual materials (or changing the system to eliminate the need to farm them) would go a long way towards fighting what I like to call "chalice fatigue" because a big problem, for me at least, is that I quickly get burnt out having to keep running through dungeons of the same depth just to get materials to unlock the next level. For example, needing to keep farming depth 2 chalices to get enough ritual blood (3) to unlock a depth 3 chalice rapidly burns me out on the chalices as a whole. It also makes me never want to play around with the randomly generated dungeons because of the need to keep farming for materials. The defiled chalice also sucks hard, but that's a different issue.
By Anonymous
if i have great pthumeru ihyll chalice can i join a root one ?
By Anonymous
Demon: my child will play the game and its chalice dungeons normally and not use any exploits for free blood echoes.

Jesus: cummmfpk
By Anonymous
Sup guys, I'm trying to do a dungeon that drops lost blade of mercy on 2nd layer apparently.
I went through the thing from top to bottom and didn't find it in any chest.

Questions is, are they randomly generated? Is it a gamble or is it guaranteed that I'd get the item?

Cause it's the only logical explanation that it's a gamble as I didn't find it at all.
By Anonymous
it depends, if its a normal chalice it is set, if it root is entirely RNG, if you are using root you can make the chalice with blades of mercy, it just takes forever, you may never get there but i wish u gl

just continue to make root chalice dungeons
By Aceastman
Did you put the specific code in to go to the specific dungeon that has that weapon
By Anonymous
What kill the chalice dungeon are the fixed ones with obnoxious mandatory bosses
By Anonymous
Hello yes sir I would much like to understand the chalice dungeon yes right now sir straight away
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I love to sometimes visit the comments of the Chalice Dungeon wiki to see all the Dark Souls casuals crying for being hurt
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