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By Reifin
Not gonna lie, this is the most hated part in my Platinum Run. Took me 30-40 hours to complete the Chalice Dungeon trophy. I'm fine with the boss (even though I struggle with 4-5 bosses), it just the material that took so long and 'Cursed' make it even worse. Thanks God, I did it Solo, and I swear I'll never go to this place ever again.
By DonCavaleiro
Doing this achievement mysellf now and i totally agree, my character has 1,5k hp and the whole "cursed" makes me be two hitted if i'm not careful, pain in the butt :P
By Anonymous
I created a pretty good dungeon if you want the uncanny/lost versions of the old hunte weapons aswell as uncanny saw spear, saw cleaver and threaded cane. The Glyph is z8v5uags
By Anonymous
I did secret chalice dungeon now I can't return to hunters dream
By Anonymous
go to the lamp, and run through the opening behind you, You'll eventually fall into the glitch abyss and die. Awakening into the Hunter's Dream is what comes next
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Somebody once told me
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
It's much less annoying if you seperate the grind into chunks. Do the first 3 dungeons before Amelia. Then proceed to Amygdala and do the Loran dungeons. After Rom the cursed dungeon and the one with the Pthumerian Queen. That way you don't get exhausted.
By Anonymous
Yeah, I'm enjoying the chalice dungeons because I don't have long periods of time to play. On a weekday, I have at most 1 hour to play in the morning and 2 hours at night. So I can spend 30 minutes doing a floor of a chalice dungeons. There are only 40 or so required floors of these dungeons (very rough estimate). so it gives me a good couple weeks of extra content doing 1-3 chalice dungeon floors per day.
By Anonymous
Rom its a nightmare in Lower chalice, it can kill you in one hit, on the other hand, I have a +6 weapon before Amelia and pretty good blood gems
By Anonymous
No one ever told me that stepping in puddles actually increases the range at which enemies can hear you (unless you move slowly), so here’s for anyone else that didn’t realize the obvious, lol. Now I know why I always get ganked by madmen in those flooded rooms.
By Drake713
I scoured all three Bloodborne wikis as well as Reddit for glyphs and the details about those glyphs. Then I checked every single one of them to see if they were still active, some of them twice just to make sure they were really dead. This is what I came up with; the fastest paths to all the Runes and Lost / Uncanny weapons as well as all the gem farming glyphs that are still active. Enjoy!
By Anonymous
Bookmarked. Thanks.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
can someone help agains chalice rom
By Anonymous
My general rules for chalice dungeons: 1. Work from the top down. 2. Search open rooms first before opening any other doors. (Don't want to get flooded by angry monsters.) 3. Stick to the walls to avoid traps and to peek around corners. 4. Stealth is an option. Blue elixirs are your friend. 5. Equip secondary weapons accordingly for each dungeon (arcane weapon for Pthumeru/Hintertomb, fire/serration for Loran, thrust/bolt for Isz). 6. Use your firearm to create diversions against strong enemies or groups of enemies. While we can't use sorcery like in Dark Souls, a bullet fired from outside of an enemy's aggro range works much like Aural Decoy, causing some to turn toward the bullet's point of termination and others to rush in to investigate, typically leaving their backsides exposed. (Especially helpful for killing witches and the Mad Ones they summon, or for sneaking past the rolling Merciless Watchers.) 7. Guide spiders summoned from Chime Maidens toward ladders and have them fall to lower levels. This usually traps them or at least allows you to kill the Chime Maiden before they find another way back up. (Doesn't work if the Chime Maiden is on the bottom floor, obviously.) 8. Infuse your firearm with HP regeneration. This is extremely useful for conserving blood vials in cursed dungeons, and the primary use of your firearm will be parrying anyway, not damage output (except for high-power firearms, of course). 9. Mind your Insight. The higher your Insight, the lower your frenzy and arcane resistance. Poses a major threat in Isz chalices. 10. Return to the Hunter's Dream and level up before proceeding to the next area or boss. Some of these tips might not always be applicable depending on certain peculiarities in the arrangements of enemies, but I'd say these methods work about 90% of the time.
By Anonymous
Well said. I'd like to add that sticking to a wall and following it is a great way to avoid crumbling floors and picking a direction, like always turning left for example, is a good way to explore the entire floor without missing rooms. In addition, though useless in the main game, coins are quite useful in dungeons. If about to leave a room with closed doors, tossing a coin right before the door can save you some time if you happen to unlock the door from the back later and are not sure if you've been there before. Also, larger enemies have a chance to summon a beast similar to those in the area before the front door to Cainhurst Castle. If you pay attention, you can hear the sounds they make and avoid them or at least not get caught by surprise in an area you though empty since them surprising you is usually deadly.
By Anonymous
These are excellent strategies. Keeping doors locked till open areas are cleared saves a lot of confusion in these complex layouts. The only thing I would tweak would be point 1. Instead of always working from the top simply allow the dungeon to choose for you by starting from whichever point it begins you at each room/area be it top or bottom, it flows naturally this way.
By Anonymous
this is a funny story but i got cursed and defiled pthumeru root chalice before the defiled pthumeru and cant get the great pthumeru chalice im gonna kms im so tired of these dungeons
By Anonymous
How is that possible?
By Anonymous
I got that too from the bloodletting beast instead of the intended one. Sigh...
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