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Earlier today I finished the first chalice dungeon and, of course, as loot got the root chalice. However, when I opened the root chalice dungeon, the labyrinth was practically empty aside from six enemies. There were no bosses, no loot and no enemies save the six earlier mentioned. Also, when I got to what i expect is the final room, (watchdog's boss room), there is just a door that opens up into the skybox and upon entering into it, I fell until I cratered at the bottom of the developers map. I respectfully ask THA FACK!!?!? Is this a thing, or am I bugged?
Root chalices are thanaks to this easier than the normal ones but be careful i fought a defiled headless bloodletting beast and an loran beast with skin as an normal enemy worst were there are two of them. Good were the thomgs couldnt pass through a doorway and i used poison throwingknife
Same here. And the answer is: bug. If you want to be more specific, it would be generation bug. I presume this happens when root chalice fails to generate anything and as a result it decides to load the predetermined assets. Those being certain enemies and certain rooms. Since there is a chance for it to create a fourth layer right after the third boss, it also leaves a door frame that leads to a void. This void is of course taking the space of the fourth layer that didn't generate.
Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, So I've Come Across This Chalice i Made as an FRC So i Can get to Gem Farming, I was about to Remove it but i Decided to Explore, and it Turns Out it has a Bloodrock At The Very First Bonus Room right as you Exit the Chamber Seal Before Layer 1 Lamp. i have Uploaded a Video right here with the Way To the Bloodrock This isn't That Great of a Find but i Hope it Helps Those of you Who Find This Post, Also i Left Messages In the Chalice To Help you Not Get Lost. I don't Know if they'll appear and All But Yeah. Enjoy!
hey thanks man, ill check that out


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thanks! now try 4ymwfshb layer 3 bonus rm



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I had read somewhere else, that if you've already once used the materials to create a Chalice, you can later use another persons Glyph w/o having to have Rite Materials again.

So I went thru, and clear every non-root chalice all the way to the Queen, when I tried to use a glyph, it was asking for base materials as well as Rite materials, is this because I had never been in actual Root Dungeons b4?

As I was typing this, I realize I might have answered my own question, but confirmation would be great.

Also if that is the case, that means I can run that same Glyph over and over without additional mats needed right?
Gotta make sure it's Root, then yes. To your second question: no. Unless it's an item from a chest/boss.



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1 more thing to add, if there is an item that I'd want to farm on layer 3, does that mean I have to clear Layers 1-3 each time?
it is a good option to do the first 2 chalice dungeons as soon as possible, second being Central Pthumeru Root Chalice because after the second boss you can purchase the bone ash set from the bath messengers
Is it possible to do a dungeon offline? My PS+ ran out and I am too lazy to re-subscribe atm, so it would be nice to NOT have my dungeon potentially deleted if I stop playing for a week, and potentially have my entire character *****ed, or is that not possible so I'm *****ed since I am unable to play online?
Yeah you can do them offline. And with the new old hunters summons you can actually get some npcs to help you with bosses.
If you guys need it, here it is; ynzpiytu
Cleaver - layer 1 pre-lamp area
Rifle - layer 3 pre-boss fight area
Rune - layer 4 pre-lamp area
So are these Chalice Dungeons part of the regular campaign or are these optional? Im confused as to when I am supposed to enter or attempt these as they have not come up in my
You should attempt these once you are at the end of the main game, when you are ready to fight at the hunter's dream.


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Well, that does work, but it will make the first dungeons extremely easy and under-rewarding. I would suggest trying the early ones at any point where you are stuck or bored with the main quest, probably after beating Vicar Amelia. At this point just go as deep as you can into as many as you can, and when they become too difficult for you, stop until you think your power has grown significantly and then try again. This method generally keeps the rewards roughly on par with your needs. Some of the later dungeons may be difficult for you even at the endgame.
They are not part of the campaing, but they do have meanings according to the lore, they are not just dungeons to solve.
They are part of maingame progress in my game because maingame trophies are my way to progress through such games
While looking up glyphs online, I came across one dungeon that has a shop. They sell Lost and Uncanny versions of every Old Hunters weapons.

Fetid Hintertomb Root

Thank you SkillzTooTrex for sharing this!!
You go to a ritual chalice grave and select "Search by Chalice Glyph", in order to make it work, you must have created that kind of chalice dungeon before.
You go to a ritual chalice grave and select "Search by Chalice Glyph", in order to make it work, you must have created that kind of chalice dungeon before.
How does these passwords works?
So I'm fighting BSB in ailing Loran layer two I could use some help my psn is badbunnyarmy my password is same as my psn thanks
^Hear the sound of nobody caring =)
ive been soloeing all dungeons bro step up
Noones about you soloing but the bloodstarvedbeast is *****ing hard the worst non chalice boss after the shadows
badbunny is password
git gud bro I just soloed the whole dungeon ;)
git gud bro I just soloed the whole dungeon ;)