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By Anonymous
So I basically first tried this guy (he survived at like 1hp, no red left on his health bar) then went on to die about 10 times till i finally beat him. Amazing boss fight tho.
By Anonymous
I been saving this game for a Rainy day and it is was finally time. Def weren't joking about how long it is. Skipped the Castle after it took me something like 20+ melee attacks to kill a single worm/blood sucker when you enter the area for the first time (plowed through Nightmare Realm to kill Amygdala b4 returning). That gave me some good gems and stones to upgrade my weapons and give it another go. This guy must have been the hardest boss so far. Just learning how to dodge all his movesets and figuring out the stagger/parry frames took 4ish attempts alone. I been pretty basic with my weapon upgrades just sticking with the sawblade/pistol. I did however have a slightly lower lv Mercy Blades on me. 6-7th attempt I forgot to repair my sawblade so I had to swap out to my blades at about 45% hp and just murdered him =/. I feel if I had tried using them sooner I woulda got him on the second/3rd attempt.

By Anonymous
So far, this is the boss that gives me the hardest time... I can get through is first phase easily enough... His attacks are slow and I can avoid them without too much trouble... But after that, he's just too fast, by the time I dodge his attack and try to hit him, he already moved on to another attack. I do get some counter shot in, but my viceral doesn't make that much damage...
By Anonymous
Lead elixir.
OP here, I got him this morning by using lead elixir. i don't understand why this strategy isn't explained here.
With lead elixir, your attacks can not be interrupted and the physical damage you received is down by 50%. Really useful in his second phase. The only downside is that it makes you walk slower (does not impact dodge and rolling), but in his second phase, he's always coming to you, so you don't need to walk that much. This allowed me to stay engaged with him, dealing him some good hits with my axe, and gain my health back by attacking him. Beat him solo, whithout doing any viceral. So if co-op and viceral aren't your thing, I would definitly suggest lead elixir.
By Anonymous
Just Mentioned it but Mercy Blades. I been just using Saw Blade (still chugging through my first clear) but I forgot to repair it on my final attempt so had to swap to my lv 5 Mercy Blades (had a lv 7 Saw Blade Gemmed up the butt). They are so fast and consume so little stam that I could get tons of attacks in and still be able to dodge. Half the time I'd stagger him b4 needing to dodge anyway. I went from struggling to get basics attacks with the short version sawblade mode to literally mowing him down. The damn things had **** poison gems too. I shudder to think what I woulda done to this poor guy if I was using a skill speck with properly gemmed Mercy Blades.
By Anonymous
So is anyone near his fog gate. I have summoned help
By Anonymous
I'm struggling too. I'm an arcane character :'(
By Anonymous
So Simp Gwyn.
By GreySkale45
"Logarius is resistant to Fire, Bolt, and Arcane damage."

Me, about to attempt this fight for the first time on my Arcane build: I'm in danger!
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