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By Anonymous
i want his scythe so bad!!!
By Anonymous
This is a Dark Souls boss. Don't even try to fool me. This sucker's in the wrong game.
By BabyLicker
The entirety of cainhurts might as well be cut content from dark souls.
By Anonymous
This. 100%.
Nice change if pace for a bit, though
By Anonymous
Who added the stuff about the tarot cards lol
That entire page is just some guy's speculation and even says it's all the interpretation of a player
By Anonymous
Is he and Darkbeast Paarl somehow related to monkey? Dude just spam range attack then jump around. He just annoying boss, not hard. Phase 1 you have to stick to him avoid the bastard spam range attack. Phase 2 you can bait the Scythe move to parry since it usually slow or wait for him to use Hovering Spin and hit him in the ***.
By Anonymous
Does anyone know if there is a lore reason why FromSoft characters from cold, snow covered places often wield scythes? Martyr Logarius in Cairnhurst Castle, Friede from DS3's Ariandel, Pontiff Knights in DS3's Irithyll, etc. All of these places are snow covered, and there aren't many memorable characters with scythes from non-snowy places (except Gehrman maybe). Is there a lore reason for this?
By Anonymous
Coincidence, Nashandra from DS2 uses scythe and her fighting place is nothing related to cold
By Anonymous
Not a lore reason, but a cool design philosophy I guess.

Priscilla too, scythe in the cold.
By Anonymous
is there a lore reason for why your comment is completely unsubstantial and adds nothing to the wiki???
By Anonymous
Potentially a connection between the cold and Death (the entity)? Huge stretch, but it's the connection I always saw.
By 10thEngine
For people having parry issues: Try using the middle section of the roof where the elevation is level and adjust your timing. His attacks seem to have a wind-up followed by a slight pause. Other enemies have a wind-up immediately followed by the attack giving you a larger predictable window. Just my observations as a total scrub.
By Anonymous
Evil Dumbledore.

I died to him dozens of times and tried dozens of fancy tactics until I found the right one: Spank him with the saw spear until he dies.
By Anonymous
is it normal for my bullets to completely avoid this guy i cant even get a parry on him now
By Anonymous
Fun fact: the sword that Logarius sticks to the ground - the one that you destroy to stop the sword rain - you can actually just shoot it from a distance if you lock on to it :)
By Anonymous
Thank you
By Anonymous
They mentioned you can lock on and shoot it also
By Anonymous
Staggered “easily” during his second phase? I literally have not succeeded in staggering him once. I definitely timed it correctly at least some of those times.
By Anonymous
I shot him mid-dash from the air, I shot him mid-swing with the sword, I shot him mid-swing with the scythe. I even used the visceral attack during his charge up to prevent him from getting the resistance. Staggers just straight up won’t work.
By Anonymous
I don't know, I staggered him several times by accident.
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