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By Mr_Peer
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He just skipped the AoE transition attack entirely for me. Anyone else who has experienced this?
By Anonymous
I experienced that not that long ago. I think it's because I parried him before he was going to do his buff.
By Anonymous
I think Logarius is on of the toughest boss in the game (in my experience) besides Gehrman and Gascoigne.. The only difference is that you could die by falling off the roof when fighting Logarius which is not fun at all. I fell a couple of times when he was about to die which is really frustrating (I think one time we I killed him but at the same time I fell so I had to repeat the fight again).. His first form, where he shoots balls at you is easy but when he turns in his 2nd form that's where it gets tough, especially if you don't know how to dodge his attacks...
By Anonymous
Try Laurence or Orphan.
By Anonymous
^^ Level 72 is overleveled for this boss, no duh it was easy for you to do first try. Tbh, as long as you have a +8 weapon and are somewhat decent at parrying, he is easy.
By Anonymous
I disagree. I beat him on my first try( LVL 72)
By Anonymous
"I didn't have a hard time doing this thing, therefore, you saying that you did in fact have a hard time is incorrect." You see how that sounds? Either the gaming community is infested with socially inept *****heads, or autism is far more common than neurologists realize. It's gotta be one of those, because I can't see why any level-headed, decent grown-up would deem "Pfft, it was easy for me, dude. Psh." as a valid or worthwhile contribution to any discussion pretty much ever.
By Anonymous
He's only hard because he fights like a *****, period. Backing and casting, backing and casting, hit n run, back and cast, hit n run, cast, run, etc.etc.
By Anonymous
I think levels don't really matter because I am lvl 68 and tried to beat him. doing little damage because I haven't upgraded my strength/skill (which increases your damage) I wasn't able to take a lot of damage to him. as long as you increase that strength, then it will be easy for you.
By Anonymous
Got gud ;3
By Anonymous
The fail...OnO it burns
By Anonymous
White long hair and beard... The Crazy look... the old tunic... The ilussion crow... The snowy Place where you fight him... Is he adventure time Ice King?
By Anonymous
Not only is it dumb, it's literally dumb. I literally can't understand why people use the word literally everywhere, when they literally should be using different words, for example "really" or no word at all, but no, the word literally is literally the best word one literally could've used in that sentence. You are literally 100% super-duper right.
By Anonymous
Wow, 0 to 100 for literally no reason. That's some grade A typical male nerd on the internet bull*****.
By Anonymous
This is literally dumb. Logarius is 10 x cooler than that entire show.
By Anonymous
I doubt it, but for arguments sake, lol like ice king he does hold a princess hostage( the queen ). Then our hunter would be fin and the trick weapon is shape shifting Jake. Heck the vile blood queen is probably Bubble gum.
By Anonymous
Then Alfred is gunther? Lol well, maybe he is too loyal for that role
By Anonymous
Why does everyone get insulted for what they like to watch who cares it's actually a funny cartoon you *******
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
No, cartoon ***** boy
By Anonymous
Yeah, welcome to the internet, where people say ***** they'd get stomped for irl, at least by me.
By Anonymous
I keep getting wrecked it might be Cus I'm lower Lv at 45 but I'm a bloodtinge build trying to get chikage early on
By Anonymous
"During Logarius's second phase, where he concentrates mostly on using physical attacks, he is highly susceptible to being staggered and visceral attacks. Those who are having trouble avoiding his aggressively fast and powerful combos should have much better luck shooting him just as he launches an attack, staggering/parrying him" Soooo glad it mentions how he becomes immune to bullets shortly after he starts his second stage.
By Anonymous
I just love his quote, really brings out what he really wanted in the end.
By Anonymous
Only he genuinely fights like a coward (constant backing and casting / hit n run tactics) so he's probably not too far from one. Him and the Queen deserve each other, she can't even fight. Cowards, both of em, and badly written.
By Anonymous
I'm finding this fight difficult, and there are so few people using the small bell. I keep running out of vials... Any tips? I want that Chikage!
By Fiddlesticks
Parry! Logarius becomes more aggressive as the fight progresses, it leads to more chances to parry. You can also use the terrain to create breathing room and prevent him from hacking you to death right away ( the uh, roof bits that are tall act as pillars, he will have to turn and it can block his ranged attack). Besides that, keep learning his pattern, soon you will be able to time dodges just right and move to his back/side and tag him. It is generally better to be below him/ take the fight to the sloping roof to increase the chance of a hit missing you due to height difference.
By Anonymous
git gud skrub
By Anonymous
I tried killing him..fell the room once and was unable to stop him from gettong died 2more times..
By Anonymous
...he CAN fall off that roof.
By Anonymous
When you see your summons setting up for a backstab when Logarius is summoning his ball of ***** in his first phase, would you kindly piss off to the corner and twiddle your thumbs until the summons is done? Because if you interrupt them, that ball of ***** can and will home in on them like white on rice and you will have committed 3rd degree murder. That is all.
By Anonymous
Is this from personal experience...
By Anonymous
This made me laugh but is oh so very true
By Anonymous
his scythe attacks are nigh-identical to the skeleton lords scythes from dark souls 2
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