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By Anonymous
I cheesed a great one, so who's the great one now, huh?
By Anonymous
Worst part of this boss is fighting the freaking camera if you ever want to lock on.
By Anonymous
The one in the chalice dungeon holy **** what an insane jump in difficulty compared to the story version.

In the first two phases it's about hitting the head when you can and arms when you can't. Use a tricked weapon with reach going for the head and untrick for speed on the arms. The 3rd phase destroyed me over and over until I figured out to get close and attack the small dangling arm. He just tried a terrible stomp over and over again. Made it trivial, I almost feel bad.
By Anonymous

2× Call Beyond
2× Blacksky Eye

Dead before he could finish the phaseshift to Phase 3. It was a joke.
By Anonymous
After dying so many times to this guy i decided to do the dlc, after killing the orphan of kos i went back and fought him and god damn, I killed him so quickly!
By Anonymous
Threaded Cane in the whip transformation makes short work of this boss. Just stand under/behind him and whip the weak spots until he's dead. The long range of the whip means you can hit his weak points at any time in any phase.
By Anonymous
This boss taught me that if I'm losing a fight I should rip my limbs off and wield them as weapons
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By Rain
The third phase is deceptively easier than the first, just run behind the tail to bait the jump and then dodge the landing. Amy's head will be right in front of you and you'll get a small moment to throw out a few attacks, then immediately run behind again and repeat the process. Super safe since none of the third phase attacks reach behind, just try to mind your stamina.
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