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Think this creature bears a passable resemblance to the beast in Le Pacte des loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf)?
Sorry! I meant to to click on "add discussion". I was talking about the "were they ever to run into the bushes, they'd probably get stuck" nonsense, not what OP mentioned.
All i see is a literal Blade Wolf
What even is that trivia? How is that relevant at all?
Is there an explanation as to why they look like this? Perhaps transformed from consuming the old blood in their prey?
I think they've been "modified" by someone
Ah dogs, the single most annoying enemy across all the souls games, ***** these guys
The hardest enemy in the whole game.....
Look up keepers hunting hound lmao whole other league than these ones
Ngl kinda looking like an edgy 9 year old furry's OC
These drops rates have to be backwards. Farming the dogs in the first area of Hemwick before the lamp, I rarely ever get a Twin Shard and almost always get 1-2 normal Shards.
Doggy. :)