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I would like a weapon to upgrade thats serrated against beasts. At the moment i have all versions of the Ludwig's blade at +10; one with fire gems, one with bolt and one with arcane. The hunter axe, moonlight sword, bowblade, whirligig saw and beast claws at +10 and the hunter pistol at +10. Can't decide which would be more useful? The saw spear, saw cleaver, beasthunter or beast cutter? Any recommendation please???
Beast cutter by far and wide. Use blunt gems because all attacks count as blunt. Highest range in game, good scaling, and serrated and buff able. Op as hell in PVE
The whirligig saw is devastating vs beasts used it to kill ludwig easy.
Cool, i upgraded the beast cutter but I've got another blood stones to upgrade another so going to do the saw spear
Saw spear. Fab weapon for quality builds and does 10% more damage to beasts. Easy to use and great move set to deal with beasts as well as Hunters.
Fyi, the beasthunter saif isn't serrated. It is a very good weapon, but if your criteria is that it must be serrated, you should cross that off your list.
If you read the comment I've already got the Whirligig saw at +10 but i do agree it is a a beast, just a bit slow sometimes and takes a lot of stamina
If you read the comment I've already got the Whirligig saw at +10 but i do agree it is a a beast, just a bit slow sometimes and takes a lot of stamina
Has anyone translated the runes chisled into certain weapons (saw cleaver, burial Blade, etc.) or located their origin? Just curious is all :)
kittens are great, Meow
For those that use chalice dungens I have a glyph that you receive the uncanny axe - Mark as conductor gg4r6tx7 need the hinter tomb root chalice.
But unfortunately I got so unmotivated because of the bad and repetitive dungeons ugh
I'm pleased to see a hefty amount of new Hunter Tools and Weapons, (although I'd wish there was at least a couple more Blood Magics) but what's eating me here is the longevity of this game. The matchmaking is broken, well, the level scaling is fine, it should go infinitely upward like DkS1 (and Demon's Souls if I'm not mistaken) but the Bell System destroyed any chance of a surviving PvP. Retconning Bells would literally not effect anything in the lore, the only references I've seen to them making an impact on the world is in only their item descriptions, not others. This could be easily taken out, get rid of Bell Maidens and put in a different method of invasion. The obvious decision is to replicate the system from the previous Souls games, but I also liked to entertain the idea of players turning into beasts as it was theorized that's how PvP was supposed to work pre-release. I know that's a lot to ask, and probably too much considering how long the game's been out, and I have no idea how hard it is for A-Team Fromsoft to juggle the online interactions of Bloodborne as well as the development for Dark Souls 3. Without consistent invasions, it really lacks in that aspect that Souls games usually excel, as much as I personally dislike DkS2, I have to admit it had the fastest invasions of any Souls game, I get faster invasions in DkS1 nowadays than Bloodborne, which screams "something is wrong!"

It's just such a shame, because Bloodborne is such a great game, but due to developer oversights and neglect to online interaction, the longevity and continued sales for this game are pretty much negated. If anything, if Fromsoft plans a second title in Bloodborne's name, they better ***** well fix this stuff, it's to my knowledge that Miyazaki has no control over online interaction, and that for all Souls games, the online interactions team was separate from the writers, Miyazaki's a great director, but I could fully understand that he doesn't give a ***** about defense number, he has a story to write.

That said, there's no excuse for another blunder like this in the future, as I'm not the only person who has said this. This has become a lot less about weapons and more about the game itself, if a moderator sees this too off topic, I'd ask you move it somewhere else before you delete it.
That escalated quickly.
The first guy: While you're right that the longevity is questionable at best, your expectations may be a bit high. I think they just wanted to try something new with bloodborne PVP.
Responder: Are you seriously going to ***** because you don't like being invaded? I'm sorry but that's just dumb. You are missing out on fun if you keep that idea up.
My conclusion:
Bloodborne, while not as good as dark souls for multiple reasons in PvP and PvE, is still a masterpiece. It's longevity is unfortunately bad, as it offers variety when you're tired of souls. PvP should not be overlooked or brought to the forefront. Personally it's true, I would have preferred the dks2 PvP system, but it's not "unacceptable" or "unforgivable". As for not liking invasions, you are close minded and missing out on so much if you skip out on PvP. Just my opinion. Use your own in responses.
seems like you rely on killing pve players to get your rocks of, git gud scrub.
To the birdbrained Pigeon guy,
You sound like a rude little person who tell people having trouble with the game to “git gud” or something along those lines. Judging from your statements, I will hazard a guess to say you are the invader type who perfer cheap tricks to get the win then mock the player you just killed. Here is a little tidbit of info for you. You know what else you do online? Summon other players to help you through the game. That is what this series is known for. Being brutally tough on people who go alone only to be made a little bit easier by summoning help, a little more enjoyable that you will not be standing alone against the boss. Sure, there are now NPC summons to be used, but not all bosses have a NPC summon and sometimes the AI is not as great as someone with experience.

So just because you enjoy making someone suffer through invasions of dishonorable combat doesn’t mean others enjoy putting up with it. And online play is not limited to invasions alone, it can be used for jolly cooperation to assist others rather than hindering them.
- A Sunbro \[T]/, or in this game A Confederate
real pvp happens in fight clubs, not during invasions
PvP is fine, invasions are designed to be uncommon and unbalanced. It's working exactly as intended. Either learn how to play the way the game is intended, or shut up. I promise no one at fromsoft ever listens to random *****ing on forums.
I find your entire post whiny, immature and ignorant.

"Change the entire invasion system in a released game with a patch!"

"No excuse for blunders in the future."
Who in the ***** do you think you are? Blunders like what? Slightly longer times to invade for you in particular? I get invasions just fine for a game that has probably twice as much going on graphically as Dark Souls, and I sure as hell am not the only one fine with the invasion times as I rarely encounter the same player twice in a night of invading.

And to the guy *****ing about PvP happening when he doesn't want it: play offline you *. Playing the game online with the occasional invasion is more akin to "playing the actual game" than you will ever get by playing without invasions, or only when you want them. "Force me into PvP" LOL please stay offline. You know that's an option. If you are going to ***** about what made this series successful in the first place, do it in your own lonely world.

-Pigeon (in case either of you have a problem with what I said)
pvp is a secondary aspect of from games. invasions are my least favorite part of the souls games. i play for the exploration and boss encounters, not the constant stream of tryhard build-of-the-months that feel the need to invade to boost their egos. i'm not saying take out pvp, as its enjoyable every once in a while, but sometime i just want to play the actual game. if you want to pvp all the time, great, but i don't -- so don't force me into pvp just to satisfy your wants. in that regard, i find the bell maiden system far superior than what DS uses.
What are your guy's favorite weapons?
wooden shield
moonlight sword
My favorite is the bowblade, but I love logarius' wheel, beast cutter, whirligig saw, rifle spear and tonitrus
Logarius wheel.its an amazing strength weapon and can be an amazing arcane weapon as well.
wooden shield
axe with pistol or tonitrus and pistol both with fire paper
Saif, beast cutter, Evelyn, whirligig, tonitrus, cane, bow, hammer, burial blade, hammer and wheel
Cant go wrong with the cleaver
Ludwigs Holy Blade
Threaded Cane ( For that style effect)
Blade of Mercy, Burial Blade/ Church Pick, and Chikage
Saif, beast cutter, Evelyn, whirligig, tonitrus, cane, bow, hammer, burial blade, hammer and wheel
moonlight sword
I'm using the Boom Hammer now and loving it. Also, Threaded Cane is life.
This list is missing the wheel


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I see it, remember that it's called the Logarius Wheel.
I'm looking down the list and I see a lot of weapons showing triple radial imprints. I'm pretty sure that's not the case. I also checked the Kirkhammer's page, and the gem imprints on that page for the normal Kirkhammer match what I see in the game, and disagree with what's written on this page. It looks like a lot of these are wrong.
Cursed Heavy Abyssal is +65 STR scaling, so yes, it does give a lot to lower STR rating weapons. I think, 1 cursed heavy is good, though, if you want it to go S in STR scaling, just farm the +27.2 from the watchers. (Saves you time from the gut wrenching RNG drops of headless bloodletting beast)
you must look at the imprint sets as columns, not as lines


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Some of them are wrong, but the problem is that even a registered member can't edit this page. Looks like it'll have to be done by a person with higher-up authority.
woops. replied to a wrong post. XD
Sorry about that.
stake driver best weapon
stake driver best weapon
whats the difference between normal,uncanny, and lost weapons?
The kind of gems you can add to them!
Correction to my "totally blank", it just took 5+ minutes for the server to send me the images on the page, all the gem layouts are there. Seemed weird, but fextra hosting seems rough these days.
That was a weak answer. The point of the question existing is that this page does nothing to illustrate what those differences are. There are imprint table cells on specific weapon pages, but the work has not been done to fill them all. Blade of Mercy for example is totally blank. Wikis are only as good as what people prioritise to accomplish.