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By Anonymous
The cape clips when you hold like 80% of the weapons in this game and it makes me sad because I can’t not think about that which stops me from enjoying one of the best looking sets in the game
By Anonymous
This set's pieces go great with both Workshop and Church hunter attire, love it
By Anonymous
absolute swagger
By GreySkale45
I love how this set will get reactions from other NPCs. Fashion isn't just a community thing anymore; even From agrees it's useful ;)
By Anonymous
So I'm coming across a glitch. I just beat Father Gascoigne and I returned to the Insight Messengers to buy the set, but they're not selling it.
By Anonymous
I've come across the same problem in my game. It's been there on other play-throughs, just not my most recent one. No one seems to have a solution, unfortunately.
By Anonymous
Killing gascoigne advances time in the game and turns the day into sunset, but you gotta trigger the cutscene to enter oedon chapel for this change to take effect. Once that's done, insight messengers will sell the set.
By Anonymous
This is hella late but if you wear this set in yharnam the mob enemies actually will rarely say "kill the minister."