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I'm sure I'm not the first one to notice this, but this set sure looks a lot like Hugh Jackman's Van Helsing Costume.
Forget that. Forgot about the Church Attire tab...
Has anyone worn this to interact with viola? If so did it have any effects? He's her father after all.
Viola isn't the daughter; she's the mother. I don't know what happens upon speaking with the little girl whilst wearing the set, though.
Nothing happens. Well, she does say she recognizes the smell, perhaps she is too short to see? Or maybe she can tell by face and height that we aren't father Gascoigne. That guy is so tall.
Which is better stat wise? I know the individual stats of the armors but the damage reduction stats on my player doesn't match them. I want to know before I spend points
What points? If skillpoints you have to test your playstyle. Eventually you change your armor no matter what happens.


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One, I think he meant Insight, and two, I don't think he understands how defense works in these games.
Depends on opponent. Standard armor can block physical hits good but is lacking in elemental area. Gascoignes set has slightly less physical defense, something most standard enemies hit you with, but its elemental defense is very good. It's a balanced thing that leans towards elemental protection.
I was wearing this when I got to Yahar'gul, and Adella saw me as a church member and went to Oedon Chapel. I thought that was pretty interesting. Like the armor set states that the shawl was from the Healing church but I didn't know that would work with Adella
She will only feel safe if you attemp to rescue her as a church hunter, just the chest piece is needed. She will be very frightened and not leave if you speak to her in normal hunter garb. Even more so nude.(no new dialogue just jokin) anyway, other acceptable chest pieces to make her feel safe are white church garb, black church garb, executioners garb, choir garb and tomb prospectors garb( those guys are under the group of church hunters that scour the chalice dungeons for stuff)
It won't let me equip it
Why It's not on the store i have defeted father and i have 18 insight???? Help meee!!!!!
you need to purchase from the messengers up stairs tru the 1st door on the left (10 insight needed for it to be there)
Equip the full set and talk to the first npc you can send to odeon chapel (idr her name sorry, its the old lady sitting in a chair wearing the white hat next to one of the entrances). She will recognize you as her son and give you sedatives.
No, all you have to do is trigger the blood moon. Trigger it by slaying Rom, the vacuous spider
It happens with any Church set I think.
That always happens gascoigne set or not.
Yeah, i got same problem.. I defeated him, purchase set but i can't equip any of item. What's wrong ?
Am guessing this is already old news, but for new players, to equip armor, you have to select the armor slot, find the desire piece and equip it/confirm. If you enter the bag/brief case ish icon where you can see all the usables, weapons, armors...etc that you have, you wont be able to equip anything from there. You can only use usable items.
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