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By Anonymous
Incomprehensible mass of tentacles and fleshy tubes
By Anonymous
In my opinion this is the worst boss in the main game because of how much damage she does and her charge do not go here if you have low vigor
By Anonymous
Even though Kos/m grants us eyes,
Even though Formless Odeon succours the meek,
Even though Rom guards us from the Paleblood Moon,
Ebrietas helps us directly by way of Her Augur, an ever-present weapon against the Beasts, if you can find it.
I see no reason to fight her, the White Dragoness 'neath the Cathedral Ward, no matter how sweet Her blood may be...
By Anonymous
Badass poem
By Anonymous
Tbh the hardest part of this fight for me was knowing when she cast a call beyond because she's always making that annoying noise. I had to read body language and even then if you notice too late your prob toast. It's best when you suspect to just run in a half circle in front of her or just run around her as this guide states. It's also a nightmare fighting the camera on this but still possible to fight her, and staying behind and to the side isn't as hard as it seems. Healing through all the aoe spam is a bit rough but just involves decent timings if needed.
By Anonymous
Kinda sexy though.. in a weird way.. hmm.
By Anonymous
not everything with tentacles is hot mate
By Anonymous
She makes you feel like an Oblivion NPC
By Anonymous
She is definitely the hardest main game boss. When I first beat her a while ago (after like 15 tries) and I took a moment to breathe and it turned out I got an std from the fight and i died of frenzy like 6 seconds later. I guess she got to take me with her.
By Anonymous
+10 beasthunter saif (from dlc) combined with fire paper and NPC hunter lead to an easy kill on ng+
By Anonymous
Fun fact, Ebrietas is actually the surname of Lithuanian cameraman who's the real boss in this battle. Want to fight on hard mode? Use lock on, Ebrietas is going to go bananas with camerawork every other attack.
By Anonymous
I heard she was a difficult fight before I fought her so I was kinda nervous when I got to her, but despite dying a dozen times I really did not find her that difficult. I was confused, but now reading the attacks she has I see somehow I got lucky since she did not use a couple of them at all in every fight
By Anonymous
For me what worked first try and had me hardly take any damage was staying between her tails, turn as she turns to stay behind the whole time and using charged r2s (hunter axe) into the back half of her body seemed quite safe and the fight was over in a minute or two.

I know the head is the weak spot but sometimes dealing less damage in exchange for being in a safer spot and taking less damage is a good approach

Plus you can summon help near the entrance to the boss room if you want
By Anonymous
Staying between her tails and moving with her to stay behind her the whole time worked for me to first try her. Just stay behind where it's safe and hardly take any damage, I know the head may be a weak spot but sometimes avoiding damage is (often) more important and staying behind her works great for that, I only used a couple vials the whole fight
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