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By Anonymous
Love fully clearing her charge attack and instantly dying anyway
By Anonymous
I do a run of bloodborne every so often and this time I could not be ****ed with the chalice dungeons, so I decided to just leave poor Ebrietas to mourn that fossilised spider, at least that’s what I always thought. Feel sad for this one in a way.
By Anonymous
The Great Isz Chalice mentions it was used by the choir to have audience with her. I wonder if what you fight in the cathedral is merely a projection of her and the fight in the chalice dungeon is the real her. Or perhaps before she dies at the cathedral she uses the chalice to flee. I just always found it weird that there are two of her, root dungeons excluded.
By Anonymous
Seeing certain other web pages I was kinda excepting here to have "seven vaginas...imagine" comments. I'm glad I was wrong.
By Anonymous
Pretty easy boss, killed her 1st try. Just summon the npc and let him take most of the attention until the boss does the head slam thing and then you go and attack his head (either it was ez or my build is broken)
By Anonymous
you literally summoned an NPC, thats why.

you cant really judge bosses difficulty if youre using NPCs for help
By Anonymous
Defeated her overleved (BL 100) and with a +9 tonitrus. It felt like I missed a great part of the game. The whole upper cathedral felt boring. I might do this section of the game earlier in a different character
By Anonymous
I know how to beat her, learnt her moves, but still die loads before actually defeating her. Such a random fight. Each attempt always slightly different.
By Anonymous
I wonder what she will be like in the Re-Make / Re-Master? Will they adjust anything (charge attack) or leave as-is? Looking forward to trying it, if it ever happens :)
By Anonymous
Don’t hold your breath
By Anonymous
Did this boss incredibly overleveled (BL 140) and was disappointed how easy it was, just took a couple shots to the head to stagger at that point.
By Anonymous
Now try it at BL 4, its...... "fun" :o)
By Anonymous
Dont lock on, stay very close to her, basically touching her chest but kinda to your right side. There is a sweet spot where she has troubles hitting you. If you keep spamming light attack she will rarely do anything dangerous. For the second part of fight where she becomes more dangerous use a bolt paper to increase your dmg and take her down quickly. Good luck hunters.
By Anonymous
For me what worked first try and had me hardly take any damage was staying between her tails, turn as she turns to stay behind the whole time and using charged r2s (hunter axe) into the back half of her body seemed quite safe and the fight was over in a minute or two.

I know the head is the weak spot but sometimes dealing less damage in exchange for being in a safer spot and taking less damage is a good approach

Plus you can summon help near the entrance to the boss room if you want
By Anonymous
Staying between her tails and moving with her to stay behind her the whole time worked for me to first try her. Just stay behind where it's safe and hardly take any damage, I know the head may be a weak spot but sometimes avoiding damage is (often) more important and staying behind her works great for that, I only used a couple vials the whole fight
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