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Screw it, I'll toss in my interpretation even if it sounds dumb to everyone else.

Ebrietas is the culmination of the Healing Church's attempts to reconvene with Kos. Though she was "discovered" in the tomb by Byrgenwerth scholars, there was no way to bring her to the surface except by recreating her. Hence, everything in the tomb is actually a vague notion, only revealed by imbibing the concoctions used for the chalice rituals (basically, drugs, which sounds funny, but was legitimately a thing people were doing in the Victorian era, because of course they were).

The method of creating her required two things: (1) a successful emissary of the Great Ones, perfected by infusing a patient's blood with liquid god damn mercury (drugs, remember?); (2) a Kos parasite. This is why we find, obviously, the Celestial Emissaries, the successful candidates from the Research Hall experiments, as well as the Brainsuckers, in whose sutured noggins we find a slug-like thibg that I'm just going to call a mature Kos Parasite. There, now the idea is in YOUR head.

So, next step is to combine the two—but that's not quite all. Ebrietas is a saintly matriarch. Surely not just anyone can become the embodiment of the Church's loft scientology. They need a candidate worthy of the name—so who better than Saint Adeline? Sure, our interactions with her lead to a completely different fate, but we know we can't actually alter history through a nightmare. So instead of becoming an exhaulted, worthless sack of brains on the floor, Adeline and her gentle blood were bestowed the catalysts with which to grant her full perception of the truth.

The purpose, as I mentioned, was to try and reconvene with Kos at the Fishing Hamlet. This is why the Kos parasites were so crucial. You see, a parasite isn't much different than a child—er, wait... To the parasites, Kos was their whole world, their mother, even if they did not share "genetics" (I kind of doubt Great Ones evolve through any Darwinian capacity, but I'll use genetics for lack of better term). She was their surrogate mother. Thus, we find Ebrietas, "Daughter of the Cosmos," bowed at the Altar of Despair before an altar of Rom, a Great One known for its ability to reverse time. (Kind of like a... like a ROM chip. Booting up a computer. Huh.) She prays in an untenable depression to be reunited with her false mother, Kos, as was her intended purpose.

Aaand it still didn't work. So she waits. Then we show up and kill her *** to hell and it rocks. Because it turns out, even if they find Kos, it won't change anything. Beasts will still roam, people will still die, there's no curing egotism with any manner of blood.

Happy hunting.
I like this because Kos is implied to be a caring being, her runes offer protection and increase your resistanced. Plus, she accepts the hunters if you help her child reunite with the ocean again. But the beast scourge is out of her jurisdiction, so she can't do anything about it :(
Destroyed her with bolt whirligig saw on 50 arcane.
My method is always to target her head specifically so you can open her up for the visceral attack—BUT! Don't go for it as soon as she bows her head. When you hear the cue, start charging an R2. It won't knock her out of the animation or anything, so it deals a sizeable chunk of extra damage, especially with a thrust, bolt, or kinhunter weapon (better yet, a combination). Stop for a moment to let your hunter go back to idle (step forward to quicken the cooldown), THEN press R1 for the visceral.

Immediately AFTER landing the visceral, keep an eye for if her health drops below 50%; she'll invariably cast her damaging aura, so the best thing to do is charge R2 yet again since you'll be doing close to double damage on her head, maybe more. This can very easily bring her down to 25% health or lower, and if you have a weapon with a follow-up to the charge attack, you can combo it even further. This way, you can seriously minimize the time spent fighting her in phase 2, potentially avoiding it altogether with high enough scaling and stats, particularly in the chalice dungeon.

The absolute best weapon for fighting her imo is the Church Pick infused purely with bolt damage in tricked state. Almost all of its attacks count as thrust damage, including the charge attacks, boasting good reach both in front and vertically, with better speed than something weightier like LHB. (That is if you're going for a fair fight, otherwise Whirli is best for cheesing lmao)
Had the eye rune on and she dropped a blood rock in the chalice dungeon!
Ol' Bacterial Vaginosis Face... the most obscenely suggestive-looking boss in the Souls-borne series.

Also, I like to blast her with Augur Of Ebrietas over and over again so I can yell "STOP HITTING YOURSELF. STOP HITTING YOURSELF.
STOP HITTING YOURSELF" at the screen. It's a simple life.
More suggestive than the Gaping Dragon ds1?



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It ain't much, but it's honest work
Staying between the "knees" behind her keeps you in place pretty well as she turns around constantly
I find her kinda cute, is there something wrong with me?
The music in this fight is so good
People are talking about the lore of this thing. But how the hell do they **** is a better question.
I'm at the point where i can finish the game by beating Gherman and Moon Presence in my first playthrough. Have also beaten every main game boss outside of the final bosses. I just beat her and immediatly afterwards, my thoughts were "I'm glad it's over, and i'm honestly not doing that again in NG+".
I haven't done the DLC yet (only heard good things about it's bosses though), but this was the worst boss of Bloodborne in my opinion. It has great music, and Ebrietas herself has a cool design and lore, but the fight itself was just a big mess for me. Even after beating her (with half health and 0 vials) after 5 tries, i felt like i didn't even learn the boss and i still don't know how to actually avoid half of her attacks. The hitboxes felt pretty weird on some attacks (the horizontal blood spewing and charge mainly), and in the end, i just beat her by spamming R1 at her sides, tanking damage, playing safe until she opened up her sides again, rinse and repeat, breaking two parts in a row, then staggering and visceral attacking her, and in phase 2 i just said "Whatever" and just once again spammed R1 and basically just tanked damage.
I guess she's supposed to be a superboss but she was just not enjoyable for me, and it's the only boss i just didn't like.
I'm surely missing something in that fight, feel free to point it out if you know.