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Bolt paper. Get stuck between the tails and let Damian agro. Repeat R2 attack with Ludwig's Holy Blade +9. By the time Damien dies, she should have 1 or 2 hits left. If you fall out of between the tails or get hit, heal and sidestep left between the tails again.

Killed her first try.
Summoning is a lame tactic tho
The rakuyo strategy above also works with the beasthunter saif (which is way less of a ***** to get) with uncharged r2 spam(thrust damage) or simply r1 spam. Didnt need summons or bolt paper but they probably help even more
I like a boss like this because it makes my dumb bloodtinge evelyn gunner build look smart. The head is never out of reach
Bloodtinge Chikage/Evelyn build the best
Uhhhhhhhhhh, this boss was super easy. All I did was summon 5 phantom hunters and had a +10 rakuyo at bl 254 on NG. Seriously, you guys gotta learn how to game like me.
No thanks, I have standards
A real easy (but casual) way to kill this boss is to grab the summon outside the boss door and have him distract her while you use charged R2's at her back with a decent thrusting weapon like Ludwig's Holy Sword. Legit took me less than 3 minutes at BL 61.
Beat her first go , Damien distracted her and U just stabbed until she went down with holy blade
Second try! Solo, lvl 75, +10 Saw Cleaver with bolt paper. Just dodged into her sweeping attacks and kept hacking away, landed two staggered viscerals and she didn’t get to use a single arcane attack on me.
Only noticed the aura because I’d backed up to use a sedative.
I think I burned through two or three bolt papers cos I wasn’t aggressive right away.
Feel like I missed something not seeing any of the crazy cosmic stuff. All I could see the whole fight was a bunch of tentacles XD
I have a theory on the Alter of Despair.

I wonder if it really is INDEED Rom and/or her husk which is left to rot where her mind transcended into its own pocket dream universe.

When she was once human, I wonder if Rom was once a medium used by the Choir to communicate with Ebrietus and gain insight.

I’m also going to guess their was something wrong with Rom, like she had some form of autism which allowed her to communicate with the great one without any ill effects, hence where the Vacuous part comes in.

During her time spent with the great one, she gained so much insight she ascended into a Kin but something went wrong and she died as a result.

Ebreitus now mourns Rom, her one and only source of companionship and even a friend.

Anyway, that’s my guess.
That's actually a pretty good theory on why ebrieatas mourns over rom's physical body
Got stuck between tails and just spammed with bolt paper worked wonders
In my opinion Ebrietas is the worst boss in terms of design, mostly because her move set, size, and behavior don't work well with how the camera controls, and that one charge attack too. My favorite boss in the game is Ludwig, for him the camera works much better, mostly because he distances quickly and lunges in to attack, and in second form when he's tall he becomes easier to sidestep without getting stuck. He has a lot of powerful attacks like his jump, but a spamming dodge has a chance to work, and there are clues like the blood dripping for the high jump to let you learn the timing. But with Ebrietas she gets closer and closer till she's practically on top of you, and the camera makes it hard to see her telegraphing attacks when she gets that close (especially which of the two head slams is coming). Her charge is also super unintuitive, I just noticed today while fighting her that her body does less damage than trying to dodge left or right.

I've played through this game allot, got all the achievements, played a couple dozen characters with a bunch of different builds, but Ebrietas is annoying without being rewarding to learn, because the optimal strategy is just to cheese it, summon the old hunter, and sit behind her spamming R2 to avoid the charge attack. But in doing so you miss out on seeing most of her moveset basically making the fight pointless.
It's odd because there are a few boss fights where the camera actively adjusts depending on what the boss is doing. Prime example why Darkbeast Paarl is 100000x easier than Loran Darkbeast. Thankfully Sekiro made that more consistent, but it's a shame for Bloodborne.
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