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The bell consumes on insight per use and will continue to ring until silenced or you die. Entering certain areas such as boss platforms will "Cloud" The bell. This is displayed by the bell buff marker being crossed out. This means the bell will automatically renew ringing after you leave the clouded zone. This concept applies to all bells. The bell will not refund consumed insight for any reason. This includes silencing your own bell. If a Cooperator leaves while you are still in a reception zone your bell will continue to ring. The bell does not consume insight per cooperator, only per initial use. The groupings of cooperators vary. At any given point during online play you are enlisted into a pool of users on like level. There may be many pools of the same level. If someone on your level has a password for your bell toll, they may be unable to connect because while they are eligible to be in your pool, they are in another online pool. Entering an area at the same time as your peer may be a way of ensuring you are in the same pool, but will require some co-ordination. After another user has been summoned, your world will be automatically qued for the sinister bell, so be careful when you use the bell as using it anywhere but near the boss door may get you invaded. Any items you bring from your world will be operable in the world of the player you join, and will be permanently consumed after use as normal, and will not be returned following your return to your world. This is likewise for the sinister bell. Hope this Helps gents
You just need to be close in lv. But dont be more than 10 lv. Apart.
Do you have to be the same Level or close to the same level to join a friend.
You just need to be close in lv. But dont be more than 10 lv. Apart.
*It should also be noted that you must be in the same area as your peer to connect, even with passwords. Sorry for leaving that out.
It should be noted that it DOES allow a refund of your Insight should you cancel the bell before anyone is found.
Do not use this bell, or any bell in the Forbidden forest area until it has been patched. there is a glitch causing failed progression tied to that area and action (You will be unable to level up)
This has been patched as of 31/3/2015.
How hard will it be to try and play with friends in this way? And do you still need to be within the same level range to play with friends?
PS from the previous post, I have 25 insight. confounded. Love this game, but can't beat these three dudes and their helpful snakes from the ground. grrr
Tried to be summoned by two different friends with the same password and level and no luck.
I used the bell once successfully. But I am having trouble with the shadows of yarnham. The bell will not display as active and can't be used. Any ideas why? is there some kind of level cap for bosses? I am 39? If I attempt to use it it just makes the no (grunting) sound.




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Beconing bell
I don't understand, it says you can [1] Summon a NPC with no insight cost [2] Summon two NPC's [or summon a NPC and a guest] however that doesn't seem to be the case with me. I can only summon one and the Old hunter DLC i can only summon one hunter [currently with the leigon]
Unlike Dark Souls 2, (thankfully) Bloodborne has no "Soul Memory" equivalent. However, like Dark Souls (1), a Guest must be within 10 + 10% (always rounded down) levels of the Host's level (ie. a level 27 Host can summon level 15-37 Guests). Also, at the time of this post, suspending the Bloodborne application for any reason (SharePlay, opening another app, setting the PS4 to rest mode, etc.) will inhibit multiplayer until your close and reopen the Bloodborne app.
"bell is darkened after first use.. cant use it again.. help?" the bell keeps ringing for as long as you are alive and dont enter a boss room.
Should it be changed to worldwide if not in the same state but sharing a password??
When someone rings the bell does it show up on the ground like the souls games? How do you get summoned to a friend's world?
Tried to be summoned by two different friends with the same password and level and no luck.
my mistake was just standing in the wrong place. Too close to the fog.
During the fight with one reborn, my friend and I were swapping back and forth. Within a couple levels of each other, we defeated the boss on my world and hence my beckoning bell no longer calls. My friend called me to his world (has 30 insight) once more, and we began the battle. I died halfway in, and he also lost his life. Upon re spawn, he could not summon me, or even ring his beckoning bell. Note his re spawn point is where I was summoned before, and the grated area covers ALL of yhar'gul.
This issue happened when we attempted to fight Rom together, but the issue wasn't the same for me. All doors open are the same, so no requirement is missed here.
This was a while ago so this comment might not be relevant,but I've noticed times where the beckoning bell doesn't cease on death,so you need to use the silencing blank,then re-use the beckoning bell
This was a while ago so this comment might not be relevant,but I've noticed times where the beckoning bell doesn't cease on death,so you need to use the silencing blank,then re-use the beckoning bell
Someone should add that it doesn't just require insight to use, it consumes the insight. That's a significant change from how humanity worked in the souls games. What if you die after you ring the bell but before someone joins? What if you wait for a while and no one shows up? If you quit and restart, will the bell still be ringing?
The bell effect does not end when you enter a boss arena, though it will not summon any more Guests until you exit that arena. Some areas prohibit summoning (and invasion) entirely, while others are blocked temporarily, requiring you to complete certain actions or events before you are able to use multiplayer items.
The bell stops ringing if you die, exit the game, ring the Small Resonant Bell, or teleport using a lamp, Hunter's Mark, etc.. However, if you do none of those things, the bell can essentially ring forever, summoning unlimited Guests (2 at a time) and through multiple areas.
From what i have seen, no. After i enter a boss fight or die the bell stops ringing.
that's only if there's no more bosses left in that area.

so essentially if you were doing a dungeon, you could finish the entire dungeon with one bell, as long as you don't die or spawn back to your home base.
Around the fountain after the burning werewolf, you can summon Gascoigne. I've never seen this sign appear here before and I don't know if there is some sort of trigger for it either. I could have just been missing it the entire time.
How unusual, even with the beckoning bell active i wasn't able to summon him from either spot, cleric beast fight has been triggered and the boss fight with Gascoigne has not been triggered beforehand
I've already cooperate with alfred and the ringing bell for summoning afred doesn't showed up..... Can somebody help T o T
And there's no message too..... I mean before enter blood starved beast boss fight
old hunter bell. It's a red tinged bell and you need it to summon the other hunters, at least I did, if someone summoned Gascoigne or Alfred without the Old Hunter Bell, please do tell.
My friend summoned me with the bell i was level 45 he was leve21
Its not a glitch. The range is wider than 10+10%, people just don't know yet.
with a new patch, the range is higher now. also you can connect to someone from a different playthrough as well.
Can't use Beckoning bell nor can I use either of the other two for some reason on ng+