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By Slayer_
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Do they work in pvp? I used one to avoid a invader but he could still see me.
By Anonymous
I think you answered the question yourself.
By Anonymous
They can be devastating. Run off, drink this, ash your cannon and run back. It's surprising how often this works. More than one enemy? Even better! Chances are one of them is facing the wrong direction :)
By Anonymous
"Never used these because they're super conditional and I'm too anxious to put myself on a 30-second timer" gang
By Anonymous
Aside this, which I understand, also the price is not worth.. 2 insight without being able to spend blood echoes
By Anonymous
Oh ya
By Anonymous
Isz Chalice has a room on third level filled with Brainsuckers, Sniper Kin shooting Arcane rays and Werewolves. Went through x5 Confederates trying to take that room, all of them died. Popped a few of these bad boys and Solid Snake killed all of them. Lifesaver.
By Anonymous
These things are so damn useful in FRC Dungeons. You can't imagine how many times they safed me from Superior Beings guarding Treasures or Ritekeepers in these stupid Sens fortress rooms waiting behind the Axes spamming fireballs. Use these! Walk slow and use these! They are a Lifesaver in the Dungeons.
By Anonymous
I once got two of these from Church Servants back to back
By Anonymous
Best way to get a lot of these is to kill the Choir Hunter at Byrgenwerth and do the dupe glitch. Run back to Forbidden Woods to load/unload Byrgenwerth. Look up the exact locations you need to go on YT/Reddit. First 3 dropped will be where you killed them, the rest will be where the Hunter spawns. You can get the inventory max in like 10 min. Super useful item.
By Anonymous
Great for cheesing the Bloody Crow.
By Anonymous
I used this and the gatling gun to beat that one shark guy guarding the Rakuyo hanging on the roof, made the bossfight semi easier, only problem is I didn't have quicksilver, and I was running a bloodtinge build
By Anonymous
These are best used for certain chalice dungeon farms in order to take the hassle out of some runs. Especially useful for triple-cursed FRC dungeons with grunts that can 1-shot you.
By Anonymous