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The Dungeon is still active,also the Rune is in a chest guarder by a Crossbow Slender Giant,there are Notes on the ground stating it,that it's there
Checked as of 7 April 2016, still active.
Used +2 version against the living failures and It would almost always give me however many bullets needed to reach my max. At one point I got 9 from one visceral attack against a living failure.
Blood Rapture runes (V.ATK restore HP) also restored A LOT more health (if not your whole life bar) against Orphan of Kos than they usually do. No idea agains Living Failures though, didn't notice.
I think with the living failures, u gain +2 per enemy, a bug made because of the damage sharing, ending gaining 8 bullets instead of 2. I also noticed that bug, pretty usefuk for choir bell
I also got back more than 2 when I was fighting the Orphan of the Kos. I was sitting at 13 then it just shot up to 20, perhaps there is a bug with the +2 version on the DLC patch?

It's a Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice with Foetid and Rotted Layer 1 in a coffin.
there is only one pre-area in each layer of this glyph after first lamp or before boss first layer pre area after first lamp contain lost wheel ( easy boss )
second layer pre area before boss contain oeden writhe +3
third layer I don‘t know what‘s contain because I got great one‘s wisdom but it was hard to reach that treasure coffin so I think there is something really useful up there ( re - if u find rune or something in third layer )
foetid rotted cursed pthumeru Ihyll glyph 65bgd3rg
I have two times the same rune from adella killed her everytime after killing mergos nurse except the second run. Anyone noticed the same
Obtained by killing the lady in white inside the clinic.
i got the rune by killing a praying lady as u come out of ur cell in the prison, turn left and down the stairs, shes cowering in the corner. kill her and u recieve the oedon writhe
"Before the Orange moon" are the keywords
The one I got from killing the Cathedral Lady from jail is the +1 version.
Also, I killed Iosefka while she was still on the clinic bed/gurnie and only got the Umbilical Cord, not sure if I can still get the +2 somewhere or not yet.
What lady in white
I killed her at the door and nothing happened, did I do something wrong?
+3 Oedon Writhe found in a Rotted Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice Depth 5, Layer 3. Glyph= kkbexu62
I killed her an received a One Third of Umbilical Cord? not this rune may need to clarify WHEN you should kill npcs
What lady in white
The rune is in a chest
Killing Iosefka before the Red Moon is the key to getting the Oedon Writhe (the +2 version). She's a ***** of a fight though, so be ready.
Had the +2 version of the Oedon Writhe rune equipped along with a Moon rune and a Clawmark rune while fighting Gascoigne and I was getting up to 4 or 5 bullets back per visceral attack.
I got 10 bullets back when I was using the +3 version of the rune
Same here, +2 version equipped with various different others l. Got up to 5 bullets back during Father G fight. NG+
Located in Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice (Depth 5)
That rune is for increased bullet max +4, not this. You're thinking of the Formless Oedon Rune.
just turn right from the chamber of the seal and proceed down the stairs
Thanks mate, worked like a charm.
This one was great, Layer 1, the very first side room. Took like 2-3minutes and you got it :D
There is also a plus 4 version received by going through a secret entrance when taking the cathedral ward elevator up that opens after killing the blood beast. It is in a chest
Thanks. I wounder if the same can be done with blood rock. Anyone know?
The +2 rune (or +3 if you can manage to get it!), paired with the Blood Rapture runes (+300 & +250!) make visceral attacks a force to be reckoned with! Restoring 550 health, which is just under a Blood Vials healing amount, and getting 1-2 bullets for free! Fighting easily parried enemies is amazing! I went through Central Yharnam eviscerating everyone, started with 2 bullets ended up with 20 +24 in storage!
the +24 would come from the drops from gunners and such
Hmm.. it says excess dosent go into storage though.