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Admittedly, Beasthood is a stat that I don't know too much about since I don't use it often. I did some cleanup with the information present, but with the changes that I made to the Beast Claw page, this page will probably undergo some revisions in the future, so any help people can give here is appreciated.
You dont have to say that you "cleaned up a page" everytime you do because im pretty sure no one cares you can tell because nobody replies to these comments EVER your just wasting your time
Kys ***
*****ing noob lmao git gud with learning bloodborne *
It would have been really cool if there was a cap to the Beast hood meter and when you reached it you actually turned into a werewolf like Gascoigne.
Cats sucks
dude, be honest wolves and cat ... who is gonna win? wolves EAT cougars, why do you think feline species wi be better? yeah a lion or tiged to transform is wise choice
I was rly hoping for that too =p
Yeah From missed that opportunity which is funny because it's pretty apparent that almost everyone that plays this game thinks beasthood is kinda lame and being able to transform into a badass beast would've been muuuch cooler.
Seems like they're fixing that in The Old Hunters expansion.
That would require another ending. Since Gherman (or someone else) would have to kill you, in real life.
Hopefully they will
I prefer not to transform into a giant dog... those werewolves are rather easy to kill... I would much rather become a Ailuranthrope, cats have such a higher potential for badassery.
The comment post glitch strikes again.
Hopefully they will
yeah that would have been awsome
When buying all the Ashen Hunter Set pieces except the hat with insight I suddenly had a bar for Beasthood show at the top of my screen and quickly drain. What happened?
Not frenzy. Having insight decreases your maximum beasthood, so spending insight restores/increases it.
Your max beasthood increased, that's all
You mis-saw, beast hood does not show simply by putting on armor. Its Frenzy from spending insight.
Actually, both bars would show. If both beast hood and frenzy bars are being changed, both would show.
Thats frenzy that builds when you spend insight.
I have only one build. Both skill and arcane stats are at 50. I feel as my arcane went up, the less effective beast pellets were. Could it be not just the weapons, but your arcane stat itself which makes the beast pellets ineffective?
As strange as it sounds, beast pellets with pure physical weapons, gems have not been working for me.
Insight. You need low insight. I spend all of mine at shop then pellets work well again
Does the Chikage's trick weapon form gain any bonus from this, or does it do pure blood damage when transformed?
Does anyone know if I make a Beasthood centered build, will left hand weapons such as guns benefit from beasthood in the same way a transformed weapon does? I imagine a Cannon +9 on your back after filling up the beasthood bar with the Beast Claws would be devastating if it worked.
well fist of gracia, and then is beast roar as well, which works fine, one you get beast embrace rune, congrats, use garb and head of brador, full beasr mode
Actually, the fist of Gratia gets a beasthood boost, but that's because it's physical damage.


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Like I have 520 beasthood, with the ability to push 620 soon and it doesn't seem to build up for crap



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Use the transformed L2 to build it up, then unleash R1's.
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Your beast hood bar is too big so you don't notice it going up.
I noticed that while using the beast claws and the pellet the meter did not gain as quickly as it does without the pellet. Beast claws by themselves seem to have a better effect on beasthood alone than when paired with the pellet. Am I correct in assuming this?


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I don't doubt it. When you use a pellet with the claws, the pellet effect overrides the claw's effect. This means that if they had two different values for beasthood buildup, it would use the pellet's while it's active and the claw's when not.