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After reading "The Hound" by H.P. Lovecraft it seems like this is the pendant which The Hound was obsessed with, plus Vicar Amelia is similar to the one Lovecraft wrote about. The only difference I can find is that the amulet is green jade and the amulet in BB is just gold. Can anyone confirm that this was intended or is it just wishful thinking?
Can't confirm, but I thought the same thing.
That's awesome that you guys read lovecraft.
Can't confirm, but I thought the same thing.


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I forgot where I initially found this door ( I think it's somewhere in hte area of the Oedons Cathedral ) but someone asks for a password in order to let the player into Byrgenwerth. I'm under the assumption that this is needed. Please confirm if you know.
There is no quest for this item. After going to every area, getting every item, and doin every sidequest in every way possible, the only use for it is to get the bloodgem at this point.
No apparent use, but the gem is pretty useless too, so just save it.
There is no quest for this item. After going to every area, getting every item, and doin every sidequest in every way possible, the only use for it is to get the bloodgem at this point.
I am on NG++ everytime i get the pendant i dont use it because it is either a quest item or there is a glitch because you only loose quest items and keys when you complete the game i have found no use for it yet same as the yharnam stone either they are used in the chalice dungeons or they are both lacking a purpose
There has to be something about the pendant! What is the quest for it? Who do you give it to? WE HAVE TO KNOW!!!
I don't wanna use it yet. I'll see what ENB does with it!
No use other than the Gem and the password for getting to the door in Bergynwerth.
The password you're talking about comes from touching the skull that's left on the altar thing after killing Amella. The code is "Fear the dark"
There has to be a use for it why else wouldn't it carry to ng+ when the red brooch carries over? The brooch does the same thing but irs also a side quest item.
Fear the old blood is the code
Pendant from dark souls 1 all over again. Theres no use, get over it.
There is a use, it gives you a blood gem.
I think it is just for the stone the brooch has a are you sure question and it is for a side quest the pendent doesn't if it had a use it have that yes or no before becoming a blood gem
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I think it is just for the stone. The brooch has an, "Are you sure?" question, and it is for a side quest. The pendant doesn't. If it had a use it'd have, "Yes or no?" before becoming a blood gem.
If it has another’s use, would it not state it in this wiki?
Yes, usually Wiki covers all possibilities but there's always a chance something gets missed, even paperback walkthrough guides you actually buy are not always 100%, although most cover a vast majority of, if not all of a game, but some things like Easter eggs or alternative scenarios that are extremely specific, patches or even extra added content like DLC that can change an items significance can be overlooked in some cases. For example, this necklace was an original game item, but it's possible, although highly improbable that an NPC could have been added or an existing one can be triggered later after a certain point that some has an overlooked connection to the vicar Amelia that gives you this item, it's possible that people who received this item used or sold it and didn't realize the importance of it due to being no option for dialogue, since it was no longer in their possession... I doubt this is the case personally, but in the realms of probability, there's always a chance.
This is actually the pendant from dark souls, and fromsoft added it so we could get the satisfaction of destroying the damn thing, im sure of it