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By Anonymous
Probably the last trophy you needed for Platinum huh?
By Anonymous
No, still 2 left
By Anonymous
Shouldn't someone add the fact that it can be given to the Priest in the Fishing Hamlet for additional dialogue in the japanese version of the game?
By Anonymous
I read the Bloodborne wiki to find out if some items have a purpose and I end up learning about the existence of calcified babies
By Anonymous
That's a really effing dark fact
By Anonymous
Oh God
By Anonymous
These lore entries are a bit incomprehensible. Of course it appears to be a calcified fetus, functional eyes is all you need to presume that much; that's not trivia, it's a matter of fact. Secondly, the item ownership merits ritual material purchasing, it's not just a trophy. Thirdly, literally nobody outright assumed you could revive Yharnam with this simply because another entirely unrelated item, conceived from entirely separate means, in the outside (non-chalice) lore, can be used to revive Annalise. Lastly, don't create or edit a page if you're tripping on lsd; misinformation or overly partial info is always worse than ignorance.
By Anonymous
You okay there, buddy?
By Anonymous
Are we playing the same game because unless you take a Magnifying glass up to the screen you won't be able to make out what the stone looks like and even then its kinda ambiguous and the reason they mentioned the potential revival of Yharnam is because like Annalise, Yharnam is also immortal and has Bore "A child of Blood" and much like what Annalise is trying to do, So all in all Analyse the Lore before Accusing other of Spreading Misinformation and be grateful for the information Provided lest you come off as an *******
By Anonymous
wretched beast
By Anonymous
"Beware, fatty ahead."
- Bloodborne player
By Pantreus
"No further use than proving your accomplishment."

"Unlocks Ritual Blood (4) from bath messengers."

So it's not actually useless. Just like the badges aren't useless.
By Anonymous
I mean kinda, but you do have to consider that you pretty much have all chalices unlocked by the time you kill her so rb 4 really is kinda useless
By Anonymous
Yharnam stone DOES have a purpose: you can perform rituals with the materials in your storage, whereas you normally have to have them on you to do so. I just tested it and proved it.
By Anonymous
Rough journey boys but we manage to platinum the game
By Anonymous
That defiled/cursed chalice was the toughest experience of the whole game for me.
By Anonymous
I just have to complete this, rough journey indeed my boy
By Anonymous
Lul they could at least give it a "show item" animation and the sound of crying Mergo while it plays, ik am asking for too much apparently but extra dialogue from Annalise or Willem would also be nice..
By Anonymous
All hail the baby rock
By Anonymous
Ioesefkas (abortion) clinic
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