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what the title says. Where is the Pthumerian Queen actualy buried ? Actually does she die when we kill her in the dungeon or is she already dead ? Because she appears in 2 different forms throughout the game, so i'm thinking of taking the stone to her grave so that some ***** happens ??? Or maybe not ?
All forms of the queen are not living, just her mind existing within the nightmare, and 0 uses for the stone in game, no further dlc's are planned so just accept it as a trophy.
It most closely resembles the queenly flesh and would most likely be used at the altar of despair. But it currently does nothing.
Has anyone tried using the Chikage before and after getting it because for me using the blood for now has a trail of blood following it or I just never noticed it before
I don't have the stone and chikage still has a blood trail, though not quite a Lady Maria level trail
They added New graphocs with the patch for chikage
I know the Yharnam Stone had no use before the DLC was released, but did something change? Does it have a use now?
nope still useless, a reminder of our kill pfft, we got a achieve for that.
Maybe it unlocks that door in Cathedral Ward
That door has been proved as the same door that is behind the cleric beast. The doc will probably only require a certain amount of story progression rather than a trophie item



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I'd say, if anything, that this will be an item than unlocks some area/weapon/item/etc in the DLC.
If true, that sucks for people to wipe those dungeons to get access to the new DLC content.
It's back...
Hit all the walls... EVERYWHERE
Let's read the info... wait... what's this?
Game Developers last words: With the Yharnam Stone I meant to play a prank.

... A prank? *depressed gasp* NOOOOOOOOOOOO



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This comment made me laugh
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I found it in key items below the the tonsil stone and the eye of a blooddrunk hunter, both items that unlock nightmare realms (and the hunters nightmare) and above the short ritual chalice, so I think it was meant to unlock one as well but it was never made for the game (much like the mystery of the door that goes nowhere near cathedral ward that supposedly was meant to link to the door at the great bridge). Or it might be meant for mergo in the nightmare of mensis idk
That door is the door behind the cleric beast.
That door is locked and it's in the lore. The Healing Church locked it. The FIRST npc in the game tells you that, come on.
Not "a" Key Item? or is the "an" for Item and not for Key
still not fixed


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I fixed it. You can sleep now.
Since "A" comes before "Key" instead of "Item" its "A" key item, rather than "An key item". An is only used if the next word starts with a vowel. So yeah. Its a minor typo.
Its been almost a week since I posted that. I still cant sleep at night thinking about that typo. PLEASE SOMEONE FIX IT OR I WILL GO INSANE.
Key items are sorted by their usage. First are items which let you access new areas, then tools, badges and messenger outfits. Yharnam Stone is with other keys, right after Tonsil Stone (which unintuitively grants access to lecture building by being grabbed by Amygdala). Coincidence? I would bet that Yharnam Stone will trigger some crazy event that could be found only by luck...
Solid theory.
Spoiler! Yharnam stone does not Grant acces to dlc content
I tried to get pawed by all the amygdalas I could find with no luck
It's probably the activation for a DLC area.
Spoiler! Yharnam stone does not Grant acces to dlc content
Then the obvious thing to try first would be getting grabbed by all the amygdalas but i doubt it'll yield any results
That would suck if u had to go through all these dungeons to get to the dlc
i dont know if it is its only use but it unlocks ritual blood 3 and 4 at the bath messangers i think it also unlocks other ritual materials
*ritual blood
You can purchase red jelly from insight bath messengers once you obtain it.
I've been able to buy ritual materials for quite a while and only getting to Yharnam now