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Because it's use 2 bullet, can it cause double damage?
I'm pretty sure he was asking if the listed damage for the weapon was for each of the 2 bullets shot (for a total of 2x the listed damage), or for both the shots hitting the target.

If it is the latter (like your answer implies), then this weapon is borderline useless. There are 3 reasons to use a firearm: to setup for visceral attack (the hunter pistol is better and more efficient), to temporarily stagger enemies (the hunter blunderbuss & ludwig's rifle are better and more efficient), and to deal damage (depending on stat investment this could be an OK choice)

Since you can only hold 20 QS bullets (more with runes) and they are an uncommon drop (guaranteed drop on enemies that use QS weapons), QS bullet efficiency matters when looking at the total damage you can output during the total duration of any given fight.
I'm quite certain the cost/effect ratio is awful for PvE, but PvP is where this weapon shines. That being said I'm quite curious to how the Evelyn catches up as you invest more in Bloodtinge, and how the bone marrow bonus is calculated (eg per bullet? base dmg? total dmg?)
Yes it kind of does. Think of it like the pistol but with extra kick per shot at the cost of an extra bullet.
What would change from PvE to PvP? The only thing I can think of would be a lower health pool for a player enemy. If the listed damage is the combined damage dealt by both bullets (as the first reply implies), then this weapon has a poor cost/effect ratio regardless if it is in PvE or PvP. In fact it could be argued that this weapon is worse in PvP, due to the fact that it reduces the opportunity for visceral attacks by 50% through its 2 QS bullet cost; this means your overall damage potential is significantly reduced in a PvP encounter.
The hunter Bloody Crow of Cainhurst also uses the Repeating Pistol and you might have known how kick-ass it was.



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I deleted the trivia which stated it only fires one bullet in the animation. I took some footage and in slow motion it does in fact fire two bullets ate once.
and it has a MUCH faster firing rate

not sure if it's wise to spam gunshot but with the odeon writhe and formless odeon it's pretty legit
Not true it has the same firing rate as a normal pistol. This video does a side by side speed comparison (about 1 min 50 seconds in)
The weapon seems to outweigh the Evelyn and the hunter pistol alike due to damage control, but just at the cost of 2 bullets if you don't want boost blood tinge all that well. But the only concern is how it fires faster if I just want to deal more damage.
I personally prefer the normal pistol. I had it since the beginning and it's too ***** reliable to just use another weapon.
With BMA it's worth it, without it it's not
This gun is great for taking out bosses, stack of BMA and 10 shots from this gun can decimate pretty much any boss (as long as you hit them!). Especially good for bosses who have a phase that is very challenging to melee.
Loving this so far. Even with low blood tinge I'm still able to kill things long range if I need to.


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"who is trying to do damage with guns?"
Say that to the Bloodtinge stat.
Geez,this gun is not good for parrying but rather for damage,because it consumes 2 bullets,not a big problem with rune that replenishes 2 bullets on V ATK,but still,for parry its better to use 1 qs consuming gun.
I tried this out, and it seems like I was getting less stuns with it than the hunter pistol. Maybe my timing is just off.


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The real Cannon! Don't sleep on this gun. Does 500 damage with BMA at 20 BT.
And can spam it for 10 shots to kill a boss.
Who is trying to do damage with guns? Parry the world man... It's a parrying tool
Agreed with AMgoody - I have taken out bosses with BMA and 10 shots from this gun without ever getting in their melee range.
If you use this pistol with Bone Marrow Ash,it does MUCH more damage.
For example,i have 9 bloodtinge(with which i started) and this pistol at +3,i shoot at Snatcher without using Bone Marrow Ash,it does 30-40 damage,but when i use it,it damages for 210(!) and probably more depending on how close you are.
Youd rather use this pistol for offensive purpose,not parrying.
Just one shoted a guy in PVP with first try. Lvl 40 build with 40 bloodtingle. +10 RP with BMA did 577 damage. KO
the church guys on the way to the grand cathedral (the one shooter on the left)
is using a repeating pistol
and that pistol does as it sounds, fires one shot, then another in almost rapid succssion

i think they turned it into a double shot to make it as a semi-cannon



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no he just shoots it quickly. It still only shoots two bullets