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I tried the lead elixir method in conjunction with my moonlight sword, and I nearly got him on the first try. For some reason I never got that close again with the lead. Frankly, I'm not a fan of the lead elixir, as it robs me of my mobility. I had much more success staggering him with my Evelyn, fisting his staggered body, and then tearing into him with the untransformed HMS as he got back up. The untransformed form of the sword gave me the best stun lock results. I think the most important thing I "mastered" was reading his boomerang wind up and side stepping that whenever I backed off to pop a blood vial. Don't give up!
Even at lvl 249 the great chalice layer 1 version took me ~20 tries. If the boomerang attacks didn't take ~1/3 of my health, it wouldn't be so god ***** bad.
i feel your pain, I'm fighting him with half my health at lvl 226 and in his second phase his boomerang attack can 2 shot me, even with all the communion runes equipped
This guy is a chain combo spamming lunatic. If you enjoyed him as much as I did please visit my dungeon. A depth 4 pthumerian root glyph with fetid and rotted offerings. On layer 3 there are two as mobs in the same *****in room just starin straight at you when you walk in. Just type in gfpue952 in glyph search and have fun. Only thing I regret is not including the cursed rite to maximize thier farming potential.
I have having a hell of a time with this ****** on RFC. It seems like every time I dodge to his side, the camera flips the ***** out and he either rotates in mid swing to hit me or I somehow get swung into his attacks. I've had similar problems with the BLB and Paarl where the camera acts like someone on crack getting hit with a taser. Anyone else running into this? I don't mind getting killed by my mistakes but when it is something like that I can only call it BS.
Only fought the first one, but he didn't seem to cancel his combos much. A leap attack with a flaming Kirkhammer after he finishes attacking seems to do the job nicely.
Password "ng56543e" Please someone help me who is at least level 200. I need one other player to corner this guy.
For those of you struggling to get visceral attacks on the guy, you're not alone. After beating him I spent a while testing visceral attack timings on the earlier version and they're extremely bugged. Sometimes the visceral wouldn't proc despite being hit on the exact same frames as other times when it would



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Nothing fun about this fight at all on Ithyll level 1.
Attack of the camera lol
I'm at the Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice layer one, please someone help me kill the boss, i am there right now, close to the boss area
use the fire paper as it will stun him every time you hit him. if you have 1 person summoned it should be enough