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By Anonymous
What a stupid *****
By Anonymous
Get ratio'd, ya pleb.
By Anonymous
Ok I’m not sure what I did wrong but i fought and defeated every boss up until Vicar and all she would say is the first quote, I only have the old lady from Yharnam and the priest lady from the Hypogean Gaol at the Church. I assumed since she wouldn’t ask for a safe place o could defeat avocado then maybe she would but apparently all the people go missing after the blood moon. What did I do wrong so I can fix it for next playthrough?
By Anonymous
Did you ask more than 3 sedatives from the old woman and did you ask more than 4 Arianna's blood vials if that they all die while Adella becoming hostile.
By Anonymous
Should also be noted that killing her baby kills her aswell.
By Znegative1988
Not in my case, I killed the baby and then she sat weeping in the chair, I felt so bad about the whole thing that I decided to put her out of her missery.
By Anonymous
I thought I might have discovered something that wasn't on here, but nope. Positioning the camera right and seeing "dead" Arianna blink, was trippy.
By Anonymous
So after defeating The One Reborn if you look closely at her stomach she is pregnant.
By Anonymous
Yeah I checked before and after. No wonder she just sits there and groans she probably just wants to die
By Anonymous
If you leave the infant Great One alive (I'm assuming it's a Great One because it drops the One Third Umbilical Cord????) and come back later, Arianna's laugh becomes somewhat lower and more malicious, and she doesn't cry as much...
By Anonymous
her laughter turned into sounds like she's succumbing to her madness tried by reloading the game btw
By Anonymous
apparently if she's the first npc u send to oedon chapel, then you later send the rest of the npc's there, she has a new dialogue which will she say only once
By Anonymous
I would like to state something that came to mind, rather than the blood being from a vileblood being the reason it contains forbidden properties, I think its just saying that her blood is forbidden because shes a prostitute, like most similar cases in video games things from or done by prostitutes tend to be frowned upon by some church or organization
By Anonymous
I think her being a Vileblood explains why she has a nightmarish baby and why she wears a noble dress, though.
By Anonymous
Did anyone posting in here actually understand what they read above? All problems posed by posters were in fact answered. To the people who are mad at the game for not making the umbilical chords progression more obvious, you have no right. You are reading walkthroughs and still screwed up when others read it and do not...
By Anonymous
"The text when picking up her shoes after killing the baby for the umbilical cord (will kills Arianna as well)."
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
By miragio
It's speculated that the absence of "Search Corpse" (replaced by "Pick Them Up") suggests she's not dead, but unconscious/catatonic.
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