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Would she be the mother of rebirth from ds3?
If DkS3 and Bloodborne are the same world (big *if*), then Bloodborne is the future of DkS3 (Age of Dark ending, perhaps, and Londor and their sanity-retaining Hollows eventually evolved into Loran and the Pthumerians?), rather than the other way around.

More likely, they're different story-universes, despite some reused Bloodborne art designs in DkS3.
Perhaps bloodborne is the new painted world. It was made from the blood of the dark soul
cant talk to her at her door if you have more than 15 insight apparently .
I had 58 insight on a NG+ playthrough and I could still talk to her fine
You killed Rom.
you killed rom or patches is giving you the tonsil stone
Can I just point out how Arianna's baby and pregnancy are very similar to what happens with Casca on Berserk? True, the conditions are diferente but there are strong converging points. First, the baby seems to be an infant Great One, in a sort of way Arianna was ****/corrupted/blessed by the Great Ones by giving birth to a suposedly higher form of existence. This happens with Casca after Griffith **** her and some time later she loses the baby that she was already gestating from her relationship with Guts. But the baby still exists in another plane of existence. And finally, like Casca Arianna completely loses her sanity, slowly at first after giving birth suddenly and from the shock of seeing the deformed and nightmarish spawn that was born. And if you kill the baby she goes completely insane, like Casca, unable to speak properly only mumbling and shaking.
Guess what was Myazakis favourite series while creating the soulsborne series?
Some people might not know this, but Arianna actually just passes out when you kill the infant Great One. The animation she performs is not a death animation, you can see this if you were to attack her before the nightmare infant or both at the same time.

I did notice that when you warp back to the chapel and go to see her again, her position does change to a dead one, but I think ot's because of how to game loads enemies and npcs when reseting the area. Her initial animation is evidence enough that she's not dead, just unconcious.

Guess it makes sense that you can take her shoes (weird choice) but whatever.
That she passes out could mean she went comatose from the trauma and birth. Returning and seeing a dead body means she died during the coma. That you don't have an option to help her after the event and just leave her there is a dang shame.
I made an oopsie, i fought rom b4 talking to them, any one in that area, only the old lady from central yharnam is there...
In my game she got killed by the suspicious beggar, does that mean that its impossible to fight the moon presence now?
No, there are 4 Umbilical Cords in total, so you can miss one.
Make sure to get the other three:
Defeating Mergo's Wet Nurse
Finding one in the Abandoned Workshop
Killing fake Iosefka after the Blood Moon has risen


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I gotta wonder how many people ask a question and never return here to see the reply because they weren't notified of it.
I defeated 3 bosses and went to her door. But when I tried to open the door it said closed. Did I miss something?
if one of those bosses was rom it was too late.
Reporting that she just was killed with me taking only 1 vial from her, without comsuming it, just holding it in invetory whole time. Point about taking 3 vials doesn't appear to be true.
Then it seems to be that the key to her survival is not to hold her blood in your inventory. Keep Adella’s blood in your inventory instead, especially during the fight with Rom.
You let the traitor in cad HAHAHAHA
Fextralife wiki giving wrong information once again. What's new?
Fun fact you kill her baby by throwing a pebble at it :)
I fckn shot that abomination with Evelyn