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How do You get the umbilical cord if sent ti clinic, and does it still count towards the alternate optional boss
You cant get her cord if you send her to the clinic. Use iosefkas provided you didnt kill her before the blood moon.
well i already killed more than 3 bosses and I was going to kill Rom when I remembered that I didnt had Arianna so I went where she is and instead of she speaking to me there is a man how gave me the Tonsil Stone so I dont know that I did wrong.
Arianna is behind a different door, she's to the left of the tonsil stone man.
I accepted arianna's blood vial and she is not in the sewer.Where is she?
BSB is not the trigger for Arianna to go to the chapel it is just 3 bosses, mentioned above you say you killed 2 but you didn't count Cleric beast, I got her to move to the chapel after killing Cleric, Gascoigne and Vicar Amelia (kilied BSB after Amelia), which after defeating Amelia I went to talk to Arianna and she moved to the chapel
Finding Arianna in the sewers behind Central Yharnum suggests that she's in the sewers with all the rotting flesh men or whatever and the giant pig. This is heavily misleading as Arianna is found nowhere near where it's suggesting. Wiki should state she's in the sewer pit leading up to the Cathedral Ward (lamp).
It looks like guests can edit. I just tweaked it as best I could with my limited understanding of the lore. Feel free to tweak the edit.
Or at least the sewer pit above where you fought Gascoigne.
Can that even be classified as a sewer??? Looks like one gross room to me...



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Thanks. I've got confused over that bit in my time too.
I killed rom and it says no response and i never talked to her i have 3 cords: wet nurse, workshop and the clinic what do i do?
You only need 3.
You are *****ed...
To find her through the description in this page, you'll need the Chief Hunter Emblem, it's through that gate, then left.
Well i have 2 cords and i killed iosefka befor the bloodmoon and i never talket to arianna so she os not in the chapel can anyone help me? XD
The Wet Nurse boss will give you the last, if you haven't gotten it in the Healing Church Workshop.
Asuming you have two and you did not talk to Arianna, and also killed Iosefka before the bloody moon, you already have Mergo's third and the one from the workshop, meaning you won't be getting any more until ng+ or restarting the game
It made such cute sounds and had little wings and was looking at Arianna like recognizing its mom. I felt bad about killing i :(
Its JUST A BEBEH! Well, maybe its good that you kill it. What if it makes another nightmare. Crazy greatone kids these days...
Missed her in my play through, got my third cord off Iosefka. Glad I did, I still feel bad about killing Ebrietas...