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By Anonymous
>Japanese: 瀉血の槌 Phlebotomy Hammer lmao phlebotomy hammer should have been the english name too, that's gotta be the best weapon name
By Anonymous
I think that bloodletter fits alot more for it.
By Anonymous
Bloodletter is a better "serious" name, whereas Phlebotomy Hammer is more amusing.
By Anonymous
I managed to obtain a triangle 31.5% blood attack up with a durability curse and now this gem controls my play style as I precisely down enemies without hitting them during their death animation or breaking objects lying around the areas during combat. I am under this gems spell, I am this gems slave, this gem is my master.
By Anonymous
you wanna fight? ok lemme stab myself real quick
By Anonymous
The Bloody Mace of Disgrace
By Anonymous
Anyone else think that this weapon is a reference to the Grant from Dark Souls? Every souls gave has to have a massive AoE hammer in it.
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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Not even a little
By Anonymous
My favourite weapon. The only thing I dislike is the lack of a version with a circular slot, can this be justified? It has a transformation penalty like the chikage and it has either equal or less damage than it too. I think it was an unnecessary choice as if Str/Blt needed any more disadvantages as an overall build.
By Anonymous
Well STR/BLT builds suck. Best way to use this weapon is only having 14 str then putting points into BLT. But that doesn't mean SKL/BLT builds are good. There are only 3 weapons that fit into that category which is Bowblade, Reiterpallasch and Rifle Spear. Given 2 of 3 are skill weapons with BLT flavor it only becomes lesser in variety. My build advice would be Chikage + Bloodletter and a "Bow"blade to accompany them. You invest in less points since your only damage stat is going to be BLT. Also Skilltinge doesn't work on Chi kage since it's skill scaling is quite low too.
By Anonymous
I know that’s a common setup but strength bloodtinge is the only build that can maximise the cannons which I love so I do 30 strength 50 blt at level 120. The difference in the cannon is a whopper 200 extra points which is massive for such a strong weapon I think it’s worth it
By Anonymous
Does anyone know how it performs on a STR build? Does the transformed mode benefit at all from STR with the right gems?
By Anonymous
"Much like the Chikage, the weapon's damage switches from Physical to Blood upon transformation, and the damage scaling changes to bloodtinge." Blood damage only scales with Bloodtinge, so if it really works like the Chikage the transformed form won't benefit at all from Strength. And even if it did, the scaling would still be worse. Short answer: no, it's not worth on a Strength build. You'd be better off with the Whirligig Saw, which is still a mace/great mace (sorta) kind of weapon.
By Anonymous
This weapon needs blt investment, that being said both forms are actually really good so ideally you should have high blt with some points in str if you want to abuse both forms
By Anonymous
Magical board with nails in it
By Anonymous
Equip guidance rune and R1+L1 to transform it with almost no cost of life
By Anonymous
I have 50 vitality with the 15% rune granting 1725 HP and i use the transformation attack followed by an R2 or a jumping attack and I regain full HP
By Anonymous
I don't know if anyone pointed this out yet, but in tricked mode if you hit the oiled barrels they explode.
By Anonymous
Are you sure you dont have a fire gem equipped
By Anonymous
It's true. I was literally just playing with my friend with the transformed Bloodletter, and I hit a bunch of fire jars and they exploded on me. I checked to see if I had accidentally equipped a fire gem and nope, I had not.
By Anonymous
It's prob because blood damage counts as gun damage, something else you might notice is if you manage to not one shot a dog with this or the chikage it will knock over as if you shot it
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