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I was able to skip the series of Brador fights by finding simons corpse firsr use the key and skipped to the last brador fight. You wont get his clothes but it beats fighting his lead elixir usin *** over and over again
You will find his attire where the Clones will spawn. Soon the bridge past the lighthouse hut, that place that reminds me of stables, area that leads to the final boss fight and of course the only mandatory fight would be the one outside his cell.
Toppest of keks; it's true tho
Toppest of keks; it's true tho
If you get the key from Simon and run STRAIGHT to his cell, you don't even have to fight the phantom in the prison. I didn't wanna be bothered and ran away. Then when I killed Brador and went outside the Testimony was on the ground without reloading the map. All the other attire pieces were at the spawn points for the phantoms. If you want the weapon and attire without engaging the phantoms, do like me.
1)"Bloodletter" was a practice that consisted in the removal of blood from your veins.
2)The italian name of this weapon is "Flebotomo" which is the name of a species of mosquitoes(they are also called phlebotomus papatasi)


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#1 Connects very well with the item description
is f**king beautiful. As a bloodtinge weapon without bullets it rivals the chikage - a deadly choice and not to be trifled with, but ***** is it nice to live without the health drain. I think it's respective penalty of a flat 20% health is actually more fun, especially regarding the badassetry of getting it all bad in a transformation attack. The two-handed R1 combo is surprisingly quick and deliciously satisfying after 3+ hits. I rate 9/8 would bang.
The weapon is a beauty
Serious lack of professionalism. Sometimes the trivia is useless ***** and/or opinions that aren't even valid. Other times there are completely oblivious errors in grammar and syntax that makes me cringe. Get your ***** together guys.


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Eeesh, and I thought I was getting the blunt of the rage attacks. OP, don't you have anything better to do then pick fights with people whose faces you'll never see? least with vandalized pages I can simply click a button that reverts changes or edit them myself, now we've actually got a toxic troll who picks fights too....
Lol, wiki community is garbage as well as you can see.
For someone that talks about professionalism, you don't seem to have any. Get your ***** together, this is a fanmade website that anyone can edit any time for any reason without being filtered. Pathetic loser wants to talk ***** and doesn't even know what a wiki is.
So how abouts you change it instead of giving literally just hateful comments, there's an edit button for a reason.
Fast, strong, easy to get. Perfect weapon!
i a here
Well I mean the guy is kinda right and yeah 2 of the 3 bosses necessary to get there are difficult but I mean Ludwig can be beaten by simply attacking his left side and getting help from Valtr and the Younger Madaras Twin. The Living Failures are easy but if you're having trouble then kill Yamamura in his cell and you can summon him for the fight outside of the boss room. Maria can be easily beaten with a co-operator and is a joke with 2 people helping you. Getting to Simon himself is easy as well considering you really only have to kill the enemies in the first area and then just sprint to the lamp. Yeah Bloodborne is tough and although I might make the bosses sound easy, Ludwig *****ed me in the *** more times then I can count before I killed him and Maria well I learnt her moveset but ran out of vials every time. Oh and no one jerks off and plays Bloodborne, even though it is my Game of the Year. Calling people 'jokers' is somewhat insulting when the guy never insulted you. I can see why you might insult him though because "LOL! Easiest weapon to get'' kind of sounds like he's belittling you but he (or she) is right. The cheese tactic works (tried it myself when I saw the comment) and I didn't worry about killing the clones cause Like he/she said you technically only have to kill Brador himself to get the weapon. The only clone that is mandatory to kill is the one outside his cell. This is all please ask me if you have any questions on the matter or my comment.
-Raiden44975 (My Gamertag, made it when i was young plz no h8)
LOL! Easiest weapon to get...okay well not that easy but you literally go to Simon in the lighthouse hut, talk to him and he gives you his weapon and the key to Brador's cell (if you killed Simon prior to this good luck idk what to tell you). DO NOT WORRY ABOUT KILLING HIS CLONES AT THE 3 OTHER AREAS! Go to his cell immediately and kill the clone, you can cheese him by going to those stairs that lead to Ludwig's boss fight. Use long range weapon like the Burial Blade. Go to his cell and murder that *****er. Bam you got the weapon not that hard m8
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^where do you jokers come from? Yeah sure, all you gotta do is talk to Simon, getting to the END of the nightmare is a pain in the *** at anything less than lvl 60 at LEAST.
Spoiler alert; not everyone jerks off and plays bloodborne, it's not all sunshine and *****in' rainbows m8
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Completing nearly all the dlc, not freaking easy to get, it`s one of the hardest weapons to get.
Not really. I got it at level 40 NG.
Ara ara
What are you talking about? I jerk off and play bloodborne all the time! It's the best way to play!
^ "No mercy for blobby thing."
Dash R1 seems to be the way foreward for most people I encounter with this weapon. Blunderbuss is effective.
just tried it, transformed L2 works like a charm. i have knights garb/trousers/wig, sold the gloves for whatever reason. got marias gloves, 188 frenzy res. didnt get frenzied yay :] i'm guessing the full knights outfit would work best with this weapon then. if anyone knows an outfit with better res. be my guest to correct me.
fun Little fact: crow hat has more than twice the frenzy res than Djuras

Djura hat:17 or something

crow hat: 40
*191 actually. also just checked, ashen hunter set has the highest frenzy out of all the outfits. let djura hunting season start now.
I just figure I add too this amazing weapon!
mostly a skill build 40 skill 35 strength with 16 bloodtinge not really useful but im not gonna use it for pvp anyway might just use it to mess around a bit like i use the bowblade. i like it and i like the idea of it