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By Ulariel
Perhaps it's better to be a blue alien than lunch for a giant pig.
By Anonymous
Or perhaps not.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Ok so hear me out. Is it possible to initiate dialouge w her to send her to Iosefkas clinic after gaining acces to the forbidden woods? If so, what would happen if you send her to the clinic, then go all the way to the clinic, and kill Iosefka before reloading the game so she doesnt kill her? Has anyone tried this, if it is possible? Please let me know, I already missed the opportunity on my current playthrough, but I will definately try it on my next one if no one has run the experiment.
By Anonymous
I've actually just killed Iosefka while only sending the old lady to her. On my 3rd playthrough and testings things out myself. The suspicious begger I initiated a fight with, but even though Iosefka was dead as I've killed her I could still send the begger to her. I am going to send that church woman Alanna to Iosefkas clinic, see what happens.
By Anonymous
You get the same result with sending someone to the clinic even if iosefkas dead.
By Anonymous
Her sister's corpse will spawn with a quick reload. You don't have to return to the lantern like some say.
By Anonymous
With the quick reload feature, it is theoretically possible to kill the pig and then tell her about safety and then quick-reload - has that been tried yet? (I assume so.)
By Anonymous
(responding to my own reply) - yeah... no luck. The game actually forces a respawn of the level's enemies just to get her killed by the pig. I've never seen the game force respawns in any other situation, and I vaguely remember this happening years ago when I first tried, too. In fact, the fake respawn was extra obvious because that brick troll on the bridge above didn't have his boulder.
By Anonymous
During my first playthrough of the game, I ended her questline early by giving her the red brooch; I felt it wouldn't be any kinder to the little girl to let her keep believing her parents were alive, when they very much were not. She deserved the truth, though it would hurt terribly. As a result, I never even realized I could try sending her to the chapel until I looked at the wiki. I'm rather glad I didn't, in hindsight. Instead of putting herself in danger, she could hole up at home, hide herself away until morning came.
By Anonymous
Gods, I even went as far as to clear EVERY. SINGLE. ENEMY. in Yharnam just hoping she could somehow survive and nobody found it yet. Sadly not.
By Anonymous
I did the same!
By Anonymous
Bruh, she ALWAYS DIES!? This is BS!
By Anonymous
Bloodborne is the most messed up of all the fromsoft stories.
Nobody has a happy ending in it. Literally nobody, even your own player character has endings where he satisfies the great ones desires or dies.
By Anonymous
Yharnam Sunrise
By Anonymous
I forgot to talk to the Little Girl & didn’t direct her to safety. I had defeated Rom, returned to Yharnam before the Blood Moon cutscene, reloaded the game after hearing her talk (she said “Mother, please come home. I’m all alone, I’m scared. It’s not fair…”), and found that the Little Girl wasn’t home; I checked the sewers hoping that she was eaten by the boar in the sewers, yet she wasn’t there. Is there something I’m missing? Did she commit suicide in her own home?
By Anonymous
You need to tell her about the safe place before you defeat vicar amileia
By Anonymous
"hoping she was eaten by the boar" you monster. I'm guessing, if she never leaves her home, the "older sister" murders her for possession of the white ribbon
By Anonymous
She was probably killed by the girl saying she was her sister for the ribbon
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