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By Anonymous
Q_Q better to let them stay inside so someone can take care of them in the morning </3
By Anonymous
no even if you didn't interact with her she'll die in the red moon phase. she can't ever survive :(
By Anonymous
She can survive i think, but only as a celestial emissary in yosefka's clinic, but this is not a beautiful end still
By Kraden50
Also, there is no one left to take care of them anyway, since both of their parents are dead (and Henryk as well, who is possibly their grandfather).
By Anonymous
you two can stay inside for now my hunting dogs aren't hungry let
By Anonymous
Damn that’s edgy bro
By Anonymous
problem? with that isent bloodborne already pretty edgy tho
By Anonymous
>very likely Henryk's granddaughters

OK *
By Anonymous
It’s just a theory, as Henryk is known to have lived a long time and been Gascoigne’s partner. So it is logical that Henryk has seen the kids at least once since he may have walked Gascoigne home after the Hunt. Since he is old, he may be considered a grandpa to the girls.

Also don’t use that word. It is a medical term, but you’re using it as a slur which is meant to hrurt people. If you don’t agree with the theory just say you don’t without looking like a child and having to insult others for it.
By Anonymous
He so obviously is you cretin.
By Anonymous
* is a medical term ...? Seriously? You probably have 5 devices within 10 ft of you that could be used to look up the word *. It was used as a noun. It's not a medical term, it's slang. I weep for the state of American schools. Stupid *.
By Anonymous
why is there so much bad information and **** theories on fextralife?
By Anonymous
because its an anonymous public forum lol
By Anonymous
Haha your parents are dead.
By Anonymous
Isn't the first alternate decision just as relevant as 2 and 2b? Why isn't it listed as 2c?
By Anonymous
I leave them alone entirely, I'll just adopt the two in the morning.
By Anonymous
she'll die anyway in the red moon phase, everyone didn't make it to oedon chapel will die
By Anonymous
I think I missed the older sister, I did the entire path for the girl in the window, got her music box, sent her to catheral ward, found her red messenger ribbon, but after coming back from killing rom, I went back to the window and patches the spider was there and gave me the tonsil stone with no sight of the older sister, did I miss her?
By Anonymous
Nevermind I just reloaded the area and she was there lol
By Anonymous
I really wish the young girl didn't die. I wish there was an option to say that you will take care of her after her parents die.
By Anonymous
Me too man
Me too
By Anonymous
Killing the damn pig before it eats her should save the girl, but no.
By Anonymous

By Anonymous
I killed the pig before talk I g to her lol but it obviously respawns so that isn't relevant. Some people are saying you have to wait for the blood moon but idk what that means because I killed Gascoigne and gave her the brooch before blood moon
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