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I think the trigger is Head. 3/4 of the time i stun a monster for do a VA one of my bullet touch the head or a critic point. i don't think the damage count because my shotgun+2 stun monster at the end of the game.
The trigger is timing. You can hit them in the foot and as long as it is at the right point in their attack it will set them up for a visceral attack.
P.S.: shot the head during a monster attack
Seems to be a bit inconsistent. For example the frankenstein guy pounding on the door near the bonfire party in central yharnam, I could stun him consistently. But the same monster at Hemwick lane, I couldn't stun as consistently. Dos the damage of your gun affect it? since the one at henmwick lane could be of a higher level than the one at central yharnam.
The best time to shoot is usually at some point after they start their attack animation but before they have completed the swing. It's almost always the instant just before they actually start the swing. This holds true for almost all opponents. I am almost able to consistently parry anything in the game that is parryable using this method (sometimes their attacks are just to quick for me to get the shot off).
From my experience in the game so far, there seems to be a greater time opportunity to do a VA with a lower lvl version of the enemy, than a greater one. This also seems to be affected with damage scaling. ex: my charged melee (which has had more investment) gives a greater amount of time to do a VA than my firearm (which has less investment). difference also seems to be there when scoring a parry with the lower lvld version of the enemy vs higher. Can anyone confirm, or am i just overthinking this?
^ that
You know you could edit it right? I just did lol
Is there a list of which bosses and what atks can be staggered?
Seen a few vids of Vicar being staggered, but have no idea how you can VA that huge...bitc--lady.
Some bosses will automatically go into a stagger state when enough damage is dealt to them in a particular area. To Visceral Attack Vicar Amelia, you walk up to her face when she's in a staggered state.
Also, Darkbeast Paarl will be stunned if you target one of his legs for attacks. Visceral attack its face
Anybody know if you can improve it? currently I can do more damage just powering up an attack
Use a rune to buff up visceral attack damage. There's also a rune (blood rapture) that restores HP when doing a visceral
your visceral damage scales with you skill attribute
it also scales with strength but slightly less so than with skill
You can parry some of the larger bosses with cannon. I have parried Cleric Beast on NG+ with the cannon.
Simply shooting Cleric Beast's head in can immobilise him long enough for a Visceral Attack.
meaning any weapon that can hurt the cleric beast can riposte it so long as it hits the head


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You can set up the Cleric Beast for a visceral attack with repeated damage of any type inflicted to its head... it's like this with a lot of larger enemies. They have weakpoints that stagger it and allow for a visceral follow-up.

For instance, Vicar Amelia can be staggered by beating on her legs, as can Ludwig, Paarl, and the Watchdog in the chalice dungeons. Many other large enemies are staggered by shots to the head, like Cleric Beast, Amygdala, and Ebrietas. You don't 'parry' macro-humanoid enemies, you stagger them.
If you want to heal, but are worried that the guy is going to try a parry, face away from him when healing. Even if he/she does stagger you, they'll have to run around to your front to do a VA(why, I don't know. Game programming.). Those extra seconds might give you time to recover and avoid a VA. I was fighting a guy like this. He parried me twice for a heal punish, but couldn't get the VA in time for either one. Won by an inch. Seriously, had no red on my health bar, it suprised me.



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