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My friend is having trouble with the blood starved beast and can't summon me becuse of level stat if you can please help
You can use passwords and then level stats won'the make a difference fyi
i suck lmao im really interested going through a game with someone though :D
i bought arcan gem but I dont know how to add this gem
i alreay done socket into weapo
what should i need
Need two players to help me out
I can help if still needed. wicked290x(psn)
Trying to Platinum BloodBorne on ps4 . Need help with a boss in the defiled chalice dungeon any takers?
My wife is having issues beating Orphan of Kos. She's level 109. If there is anyone able/willing to help her out, that would be amazing.
Send me a psn message @ booker14261
Need help with Cainhurst boss.. Any takers??
PSN id barnett19088
First play through need help with kos pan id is daskarekrow