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By Anonymous
I'm making a build which uses this and the Flamesprayer. I think it'll work out well and it can be assembled early on due to both weapons locations, but if I get invaded, I think I'm screwed due to the slow initial shot from the Spear (1 second delay) Can I get some help? -SilverDranglor
By B3hr
Heh, use the flamesprayer, then use the transformation attack from spear to gun glaive when an opponent gets close and swipes at you.

You wouldn't really even need to level up bloodtinge that much, just so that you can catch people off guard.
By Anonymous
By far the worst weapon overall, 1H moveset is all pokes, 2H set R1 attacks are same dmg as 1H in dmg but much slower. Have some use in fighting 1vs1 but terrible versus more then one.The only use of this weapon is it 2H charged attack, if you not the fan of using one attack only then use other weapon.
By Arcan1x
Not about poking them from a distance?

Tell that to my Reiterpallasch >:3
By Anonymous
Some people like spear weapons that can slash.
By Anonymous
"bloodborne is about fighting enemy face to face then poking" that has to be the most noob comment i've ever read on this wiki
By Anonymous
Souls games always welcome different playstyles, but if you kind sir think that keeping enemy close is noobish... Welp what can i say? To every casual his own!
By Anonymous
I have better luck fighting bare-handed then hitting people with charged 2H.We both know that you will never hit good pvp player with it. The range with spear is crap actually, a little help in pve and zero in pvp.PLUS (!) you should know that Bloodborne is about fighting enemy face to face then poking them from distance.
By Anonymous
Not to mention the ridiculous damage that the charged, transformed R2 can do. With 2 33% charge attack up gems and a 26% phys up the charged R2 does 1050-1200+ on players. Even with all phys up gems, the charge attack does huge damage and exceptional range. No one ever seems to really get how long the range is on that attack. Also, since most of it's attacks are thrust type, you can really make use of those high percentage thrust gems. Great ranged defensive weapon.
By Anonymous
Little bit salty dont you think?
By B3hr
There is no "worst weapon" in this game, they're all good but have very distinct fighting styles.

For starters, the rifle spear's normal mode is good for keep people at a distance, and the transformed mode is a crowd control weapon when you're dealing with multiple opponents. The strengths of this weapon would be that it possess the advantage of range and good chip damage in PVP, while being an overal versitile weapon with several different forms of attacks to deal with all sorts of opponents. This isn't the kind of weapon that you'd use if you wanted outright brute strength, rather it's more for the techcnial players like to keep their options open.

Or you could simply just blast people up every few seconds with the built-in shotgun like that Yahar'Gual hunter you fight early on. Nothing pisses people in PV off more than repeatedly getting shot by shotshells, thus leading them to becoming impatient and making rash moves.
By Anonymous
With noobish he meaned it really didn't made any rational sense, it was a comment with no support, like a little kid frustrated with somebody and trying to defend himself by saying "Fight me close range you ***" or something like that. It's indeed sad how people hate on weapons just because they don't have a "cool moveset"
By B3hr
Finally got this page finished.

The Rifle Spear is one of those weapons that people tend to hate because it feels "boring" compared to some of the other weapons out there. In general, the built-in shotgun alone makes this a worthy choice for both PVE and PVP, granted that spamming it will earn the wrath of every PVPer you come across. Overall it's a good technical weapon for people looking to mix up their options when fighting either a single opponent or a whole group.
By Anonymous
Cool, thanks bro, and I totally go with you, some people overlook this weapon because it's not a giant sword or Huge *** hammer (I use the Churck Hammer xd ) but ***** does this weapon packs a defensive punch, a really hard defensive punch xd I still don't understand some stuff in game like the gems and the multipliers of each attack but hey, I still love this weapon even if I don't find any special gem for it.~
By Anonymous
Me and my friend are rocking skill based classes essentially and the Rifle Spears are perfect. Very useful in a multitude of scenarios. Not the most powerful weapons but makes up for it in versatility. Even seems to be a decent choice for arcane builds.
By skeletonkeyblade
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Glyph: 2mqkc4cv Ailing Loran root chalice. both offerings. Uncanny beast claw and lost rifle spear in layer 1, lost hunter axe in layer 2 (I think) and uncanny tonitrus in layer 3.
By Anonymous
If I'm reading this right stat scaling is better with lower numbers does that mean i should just cap those stats at 25 or am I reading it wrong?
By B3hr
The higher the scaling, the better overall damage output you get when putting points on that stat. STR and SKL both soft cap at 25, but you can continue putting points on those stats and still get a decent amount of daamge from them. Keep in mind also that some weapons have fairly good "quality build" potential like the Stake Driver, Hunter's Axe and Ludwig's Holy Blade (in other words, you can put points on both STR and SKL to get good amounts of daamge from both).
By Anonymous
Dungeon is Sinister Lower Pthumeru Root, and the glyph is: 3ukjayjk Uncanny Rifle Spear is in the side room before the first boss, Layer 1. There is also a Lost Saw Spear in Layer 3 of this glyph's dungeon. Happy hunting!
By Anonymous
Lost Hunter Axe & Lost Rifle Spear & Fading Lake Glyph: cpmyucym Current Host (not me): KingGrizzy Axe Location - before the first area; rather short run to get it; Bell ringing ho in the final room in the platform between the staircases Best of luck! Spear Location - Before the first boss (if I remember correctly) Sorry, forgot rune location. ~Beowraith (US PSN)
By Anonymous
Started a Bloodtinge/Skill build and have been using the Rifle Spear for most of the first half along with the Threaded Cane. I really like the simplicity of this weapon and have found it to be very useful and quite powerful. It's pretty easy to get early on. Love that I can parry while two handing, and that charged R2 is nasty! Great for taking out bigger enemies from a distance. Bloodborne may not have as many weapons as Dark Souls did, but I think each one really is unique and viable in the right hands.
By Anonymous
The blade of this spear has some similarities with the Spear of Destiny.Go check it on google!
By Anonymous
i'm not sure i get what this page says. the rifle has fixed damage, it says... so... every bloodtinge point, scaling, gem ecc is utterly useless?
By Anonymous
No, that is not what the wiki says. BLT still affects damage scaling but it is the total damage listed, not per pellet.
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