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By Anonymous
America on a stick
By Anonymous
My favorite part about this weapon is that, as a weapon inspired by the Reiterpallasch, I can only imagine the Powder Kegs returning from Cainhurst, telling the others of a poking weapon that fired bullets that they saw the Cainhurst Knights using, and this is what they came up with; a crude, polar opposite to the rapier it was designed to mimic
By Anonymous
The powder kegs really just added a shortsword to a shotgun barrel taped to a stick and said: "This should compete against Cainhurst".
By Anonymous
They don't like it up 'em sir, they do not like it!
By Anonymous
A spear that shoots bullets is a strange concept until you remember FromSoft is Japanese.
By Anonymous
I really love my two babies pistol toothpick and shotty broomstick
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By Rads
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Wish it had different transform mode, where it's just longer and uses wide, horizontal swings instead of gun.
By Anonymous
I love is as it is; what we really needed was a full-fledged alternative to the rifle spear, some kind of halberd/lance combo
By Anonymous
There is such a thing: It's called the Church Pick
By Anonymous
The Yahar'gul hunter who uses this and spams their gun can go off themselves
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