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In case anyone is reading this and having difficulty, this boss becomes a lot easier if you can get parrying down on him. In the first phase he teleports a lot, especially if you are far away. This makes it hard to target lock. But if you get close it's easier. Just be ready to dodge roll if he teleports out of your line of sight. Get close to him, circle around him and be ready to shoot when he nears the middle to end of one of his attacks. Once you parry be quick to get the visceral attack. Before he gets up, pounce on him. You should be able to get at least one to three free hits in before he teleports away.

It gets a little trickier after he gets to about half health. Be careful to not get hit by one of his lance charges, it's a fast attack and it hurts. Same as when he jumps in the air. Similar to martyr logarius, it can be dodged, just be quick as he is about to land. This phase it's harder to get closer as his attacks change and appear to get quicker. But still be sure to get close and just follow the same formula as the first phase with parry/viceral attacks.

I didn't try fighting him any other way, something like 5 or 6 visceral attacks along with a few cheap shots before he got up and the fight goes pretty quick
The lance poke had amazing tracking on me. Watch out for it.
Just use a heavy hitting weapon like Ludwig's or Kirkhammer, you can cancel all his attacks if you land a hit. Stay close and HAMMERTIME!
Which numbskull stated that this dude has 2381 hp....
Also, what numbskull spelled "roll" wrong.
Pretty wrong if you ask me lol
Pretty wrong if you ask me lol
This guy is a huge ***** for a final chalice boss. Get in his face and hit him. He will chicken out and teleport away, which is when he'll use his lame, easily dodgeable crossbow attack. Anytime you get in trouble, just back off, he'll leave you ample time to heal up. Pathetic, really.
This guy drops blood rock fairly commonly.
I fought him on the last layer of Pthumeru Ihyll
You can fight him in Pthumeru Ihyll Root, Cursed and Defiled Pthumeru, and Lower Ailing Loran. He also can uses the sickles that Pthumerian Descendant uses. Proof:
^that's not an elder,where's the staff or walking cane?
Also isz root
Are you sure that was the Elder and not the Descendent?
Also isz root
^that's not an elder,where's the staff or walking cane?


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He was a normal enemy in Layer 4 cursed Ihyll; he did not respawn
he is supposed to drop the next chalice once killed correct? i never got one after killing him. possible bug maybe?
he is supposed to drop the next chalice once killed correct? i never got one after killing him. possible bug maybe?
I found that keeping some distance and using Blacksky Eye worked very well. He will continue to follow you but the orb will prevent his crossbow attacks.


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I fought this boss with the Chikage, and at first used the one-handed version and tried to parry. I eventually found that switching to the two-handed version was much more effective - every single hit would stagger the boss, preventing him from teleporting, attacking, moving, retaliating or defending himself in any way. Perhaps this is just because the two-handed version naturally does slightly more damage, but I racked up far more damage against this boss than I would have in the same amount of hits against normal enemies - nearly 3000 damage from 4 regular swings.
i was trying to test this with my buffed as hell lost chikage and i can't really tell if he is weak to blood or not. it seemed like i was doing standard damage and not stunning him ... but granted this was a F/R/C Pthumeru Ihyll Root so it was hard as ***** regardless. hopefully some other people test this and reply.
~700 damage per swing on the transformed Chikage isn't that crazy. It hits pretty hard if you have high bloodtinge.
The tricked mode has higher stagger, thats why it sends dogs flying. it doesnt mean they are weaker to blood.